The popularity of Jyothi Rai is such that she is often recognized as Devaki from the Kannada serial of the same name. This serial went on to complete more than 200 episodes, and was a contributing factor in catapulting Jyothi Rai to fame. This petite actress is often referred to as the Shruthi of the small screen. She is a Manglorean, but was born and raised in Coorg.

An ex-employee of Accenture Company, she soon started acting in small roles on TV. Her big break however, came through the serial, “ Jogula Jogula is a Kannada language TV daily soap. Zee Ka >> Read More... Jogula ”, where she played the role of Devaki the surrogate mother. This role won the hearts of the Kannada TV viewers and till today, she is best known for this role. Jyothi then went to play the role of Bandhe Barathava Kaala in ETV. The pretty actress is a BSc graduate and is also a diploma holder in computer applications. Furthermore, Jyothi is keen in acting in Kannada films, but is wary of the glamorous roles.

She feels women do not get roles of substance in films, whereas in television, women get meatier roles. Jyothi Rai is married to Padmanabha who is working as a Networking Engineer. The husband supports Jyothi in all her acting endeavors. Jyothi, unfortunately, suffered a personal trauma in her real life when she had to terminate her pregnancy in 2009. This is because her initial tests revealed that the child had severe abnormalities.