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Bhojana priya Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Bhojana Priya is a cookery show that is being telecasting on ETV Kannada from Monday to Saturday at 1pm. It was started on 14th April’2014 and has completed 138 episodes as on 27th Septmber’2014.
Bhojana Priya is hosted by the multi talented artist, comedian and Chef Sihi Kahi Chandru.  It is a famous cookery show where the host invites a guest everyday to demonstrate a new food item to viewers. In this show celebrities come and show their cooking skills. Sometimes the host himself demonstrates a food item. They try out different kinds of foods every day. In Bhojana Priya, mostly preparation of homely and easy made dishes and sometimes making of new variety of dishes is taught. Here audience experiences a totally different type of cookery program as it is represented in a corporate style. Bhojana Priya is a travel and food show. The host Chandru travels across the state of Karnataka by a vehicle which is specially designed while cooking and tasting variety of dishes prepared in various food joints and gives his rating and comments about that food joint. This show also includes a segment where the host visits the house of one of the viewers and teaches the husband there to cook the favorite dish of his wife.