This petite actress is well known among Kannada audiences for her role in the iconic comedy Silli Lalli Silli Lalli is a comedy serial that is being telec >> Read More... Silli Lalli as Lalli’s cook. Named as NML aka nurse maid cook she won over the critics and audience alike with her acting prowess. Critics infact said that she is the highlight of the greatest comedy of all times in the history of Kannada television.

The talented actress made her debut with the serial Savigana on Doordarshan and went on to act in serials like Hogli Bidi Sir,Godhuli Doora Teera Yana.

The actress has acted in another famous serial Maya Mrigha before landing a role in . She played a bubbly girl and her character of an infectious young woman was similar to her real character. She fell in love with the lead character played by Vikram during the filming of the serial.

Namitha has anchored a lot of shows on TV notably Ruchi Abhiruchi, Komedy Kiladigalu etc

Namitha went on to act in movies like Zindagi in 2008 and as a heroine of Chitramandiradalli in 2013. She received critical acclaim for this movie and was praised by none other than Home minister R Ashok.

The actress who has a flair for comedy is one of the participants in the AKKA conference held in August 2014 in San Jose California.