Birthday: 25-10-1991
Age: 27
Star sign: Scorpio


‘Avantika Hundal’ is an Indian television actress from Punjab, who played the role of Aarushi Saxena in the Star Plus serial Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya (2009). The popularity of this serial can be seen from the fact that it was telecast in Pakistan on Pakistani Channel, Urdu 1. The series was also remade in Tamil language as Puthu Kavithai and telecast on Star Vijay. Born and brought up in Mumbai, she chanced upon acting while waiting for her course to start. Avantika says, “Well, it all started back when I had just finished my BMS and had planned to pursue masters in HR from London. I had some time in between, as my course was scheduled a little late and a friend of mine was going to give a look test for Pratigya. So for fun, I just went ahead and I too gave the look test. The same evening I got a call that I was selected. It did take me a while to choose, but I guess I made the right choice.” She has acted in the Punjabi movies Mr & Mrs 420 (2014), Rab Ton Sohna Ishq (2013) and Burrraahh (2012). She has also acted in the Hindi film Bachna Ae Haseeno (2008).

Taking up acting as a leisure pursuit, she had no idea it would bring her huge recognition. After doing her first daily soap ‘Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya’, she moved the Pollywood way because she’s been fascinated by the Punjabi film industry for a long time. The first Punjabi film ‘Burrraah’ brought her sufficient success. Her second film ‘Rabb Ton Sohna Ishq’ was shot in Jalandhar and it was the first time that she shot for a film in Jalandhar. She says “It is like my second home. My mom’s brother lives here so I have been visiting this place since childhood. Everybody is so warm hearted here. Also, I love the food. I don’t think there is any eatery that I have missed out on. I loved visiting “Haveli”. It owns the aura that takes you back to your Punjabi roots.” Asked why she chose to do Punjabi films, she says “Punjabi is my mother tongue and it was a proud moment for me when I did my first Punjabi film. I have an emotional connection with my films. I didn’t choose to enter the Punjabi film industry from the point of view of my career; rather I did it because it gave me a chance to connect with my people. I had no language difficulty because I am a Sikh and have a good command over my language.” In the Punjabi movie, Mr & Mrs 420, she says “My role in the movie is the opposite of the one I performed in ‘Burrraah’.
The character’s name is Kiran and she’s a pampered girl. Her elder brother adores her a lot and she wants everything that she wishes for and makes sure that she gets it.” About her experience in ‘Pratigya’, Avantika says that doing Pratigya was a fun experience. Although it was very hectic, there were times when she shot for 26 hours non-stop but at the end of the day she liked it. She also realized how capable she was. She has the propensity to learn all good things from people. So, whatever she had inculcated was positive. Also, at that time, she made some really good friends. She always wanted to study further. So, in case she gets some time she would like to get an MBA degree soon.
Another Version

Avantika Hundal is a gorgeous looking Indian Actress, who has predominantly worked in the Punjabi Film Industry. She recently did a supporting role, in the Punjabi movie Mr and Mrs 420 that released in the year 2014. This blockbuster film was directed by Ksshitij Chaudhary. The movie is a comical depiction of the life of two unsuccessful friends, with big dreams. Avantika played the character Laddi in the flick. Avantika began her career in the year 2009, through a television soap. She acted as Arushi Shyam Saxena, the sister of the protagonist in the soap Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya. The serial was aired on Star Plus and ran until the year 2012.

In the year 2008, she got the big opportunity to act in a Yash Raj Chopra film. She was cast in the superhit movie Bachna Ae Haseeno, as the friend of one of the heroines. In the year 2012, Avantika appeared in the Punjabi Movie Burrraahh. The flick is a comic one about a group of boys, who have to win a competition to safeguard their college. In 2013, she acted in the film Sohna Isshq.

Avantika Hundal is in a relationship with the lead star of the serial Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya, Arhaan Behl.


Avantika Shetty

Avantika Shetty from Mumbai is an aspiring actress currently pursuing her studies. Having dabbled as a net jockey for Yahoo and amid doing a print ad and a Tamil commercial, she made her entry as an actress in a show titled Dharamveer for NDTV Imagine. True blue Mumbai lass, she feels there is no city like Mumbai. This is what she has to say about her dream of being on the silver screen: “While my parents are not supportive of my dream to make it as an actress, I know deep down they are praying for me to make it big.   Obviously their prayers are working for me as I got a chance to perform as a participant on Idea Bollywood Club. What’s more, I actually got a chance to audition in front of the showman himself, Mr. Subhash Ghai! He liked my performance and I hope I will get a chance to act in his film for sure. It was a dream come true to perform in front of him. I will follow all the advice he had for me and shall chase my dreams with more confidence”.   Now that she has impressed the Showman, she cannot be far from showbiz. She has acted as 'Ragini' in 'Na Aana Is Des Laado' and 'Sajan Ghar Jaana Hain'. Avantika Shetty is known for 'Arranged Marriage' (2011) and 'Bin Tere' (2013). She will soon wed Aditya. Another Version Of This Bio: Avantika Shetty is a beauty from Mangalore, in Karnataka, who made her debut, recently in the Kannada industry. Before stepping into films, to appear on the silver screen, Avantika has acted in several short films and Television advertisements. Her notable performances in these ventures fetched her, the role of heroine in the 2015 Kannada movie, Rangi Taranga. The flick revolves around a journalist going in search of the identity of an anonymous writer. It was her first major flick, and she did the role of Sandhya, a journalist. She had done a lot of homework for her role, and that effort has seen by the output of the movie. Avantika wanted to become a journalist in real life, but events took a turn, and she joined Advertising instead. Though Avantika’s native is Mangalore she was brought up in Mumbai. To get her Kannada accent right, she had to spend a lot of time, attending classes to correct her slang. Avantika has told in an interview that coincidentally, just like the mystery movie Rangi Taranga, she too faced so many weird incidents during the shoot. Many of her costumes and other possessions suddenly disappeared, and the unit was never able to find it. Avantika Shetty after completing her studies became an online radio presenter for Yahoo. She then appeared in the famous serial, Dharam Veer that was aired on NDTV Imagine. She played a  substantial role, which shot her to fame. Avantika’s parents are not keen on her pursuing acting as a career but still have never stopped her from doing it. She has also participated in the reality show, titled Ideal Bollywood Club that was telecasted on Zoom Television. Avantika has also ventured into the small screen, by acting in the Television dramas Sajan Ghar Jaana Hai, on Star Plus and Na Aana Is Desh Laado, on Colours.

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