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Hindi Tv Serial Ek Chutki Aasman

Ek Chutki Aasman Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one
Ek Chutki Aasman is a soap opera in India, created and produced by Sphere Origins. The show was premiered on August 23, 2010 up to December 16, 2010 under Sahara One.

The series is all about Chutki (played by Roshni Parekh Roshni Parekh became a recognized face in Indian t >> Read More... ), a 7-year old girl who dwells in a village close to Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Chutki is always causing joy and happiness to everywhere she goes. She is the daughter of Naresh and Hemangi (played by Chawi Mittal). Everything appears to be perfect until Chutki’s father dies on an accident. Later on, Chutki and her mother were thrown out of their house abruptly by her grandparents. Hemangi left with no choice but to go to her brother, Ramakant (played by Manav Sohal Manav Sohal is a multitalented actor, writer, prod >> Read More... ). He is a farmer on his small piece of land. A sudden turn of fate happens and Remakant loses his money and came to the point where he needs to sell his only field and their source of living. Bablya (played by Pritish Roy) is Ramakant’s son who is very pleased to have Chutki in their house. He became Chutki’s best friend. Sandhya implies that Hemangi should find a job or leave their house. Hemangi decided to leave Mumbai and leave Chutki with Ramakant to find a job. Chutki was very sad and since then, she started longing for the love of her mother. Until one day, Chutki decided to find her mother by herself. She was alone and wishing to unite with her lost mother.