Tamil Tv Show Genes Season 1

Genes Tamil tv-serials on Zee Tamil



Genes is a Tamil television series. The show used to get telecasted on every Sunday, exact as the clock ticked 08:00 in the evening on the channel Zee Tamil. The show went on for more than fifty episodes, each comprising of about twenty minutes of running time. The format of the show has divided the entire duration of the game into four rounds. The show is hosted by none other than Suma Kanakala, who got very popular for her charm and outspoken personality as she hosted her previous game show called Cash. Cash has completed over two hundred episodes, and Suma decides to take over Genes after that.

The show is produced under the banner of Mallemala Entertainment and has gone viral since its release. The show has gathered enough publicity after being regarded as the King of all game shows. Suma brings in a sweet tune to the entire dressing of the show with her sparkle, but the format has undoubtedly created an innovative platform for celebrities to showcase their personal attributes. The show brings famous and popular celebrities to their set and attempts to play a unique game. The game focuses on the element on relatedness.

A relative from the family of the celebrity is called on the show to partner them and then the game goes on. Each round of the game focuses on measuring how related their both are and the key points of similarity between them. The basic concept that drives the show is the observation of how resembling these two family members are in reality. The beginning of the game is marked with offering each contestant a total of fifty thousand rupees. During the game, the contestants vouch for this money and either multiply it or lose it.

The relatives of the celebrities who are called are always someone from their close family; at least they are related by blood. Each episode features different celebrities and even sometimes the games or activities vary or change. The major part of the game is followed by asking questions on a quizzing mannerism. The contestants placed an amount from the total they have in the hand and answered the questions. The host of the show has been quite acclaimed for her previous show and with the arrival of Genes, she brings a unique game to the face of the world.

It is not one of those uncanny clichéd game shows with lots of questions or tasks. It is a unique game show which taken the dress of a quiz, but the questions are based on knowledge regarding their own particular family member who appears on the show along with them.