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Malayalam Movie Actress Iniya
Written By - Team Nettv4u
Iniya is a young and talented actress from Kerala. Iniya, whose real name is Sruthi Sawant hails from Trivandrum in Kerala. Iniya’s family includes father Salahuddin, mother Savithri, brother Sravan and sister Swati. Swati is also a known film actress.

Iniya’s acting career started off with the serial Koottilekku as a child artist. She then performed important roles in serials like Orma and Sri Guruvayoor Appan. Sri Guruvayoor Appan was a devotional serial which portrated the greatness of lord Krishna. Iniya was also a leading model and the winner of a beauty contest. Iniya’s first Malayalam movie Saira was released in the year 2006. In 2010, she received popular awards for her role in the Tamil movie Vagai Soda Va. She changed her screen name to Iniya during the shoot of this movie. She has acted in a handful of Malayalam and Tamil movies including sacred face, Time, Dala Marmaramgal, Pulival, Nan Sukappu Manitan, Oru Oorla Rendu RajaYudam Sai, Umma, Bopadatil Illatha Oru Idam, Kann Peshum Vaarthakal, Chenaiyil Oru Nal, Mashani, Ayyal, Nukam, Ninaitatto Yaro, Velli Velichathil, Kathai Tiraikathai Vasanam Iyakkam, Enet Ormayil, Yes I am etc.

Iniya has received more love and acceptance from the Tamil audience. She did not meet with any hit movies in Malayalam so far.


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