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Sorna Regai, is produced by Kavithalaya Productions with Kailasam and Geetha Kailasam Bio coming soon... >> Read More... as producers. Directed by C.J.Bhaskar, the serial is based on the story written by Indira Soundarajan, who is very popular for his stories of mystery, ghost and supernatural stories. The cast includes Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... , Poovilangu Mohan Poovilangu Mohan is one of the veterans in Tamil t >> Read More... , Srilekha Parthasarathy Srilekha Parthasarathy is a playback singer in Tam >> Read More... , Thalaivaasal Vijay,  Bhargavi, Mahima, Anitha Mathews, Vasan , Bharathi and others.

It was a part of Marmadesam Marmadesam, which means a mysterious land, is a my >> Read More... serial. Sorna Regai, meaning “golden palm lines”, was about palmistry, face reading, and horoscope. The story revolves around a jailor and a convict.  The story opens up with the convict who is about to be hanged in two days, and the honest police officer, who does not believe in the predictions. But there were some people like the jailor and his daughter who believe in those predictions. The serial is about the believers and non- believers and the division between them. Bhaskar Das has a brother, who believe in the predictions and his life was based on those predictions. 

With the music of Rehaan, the serial was quite a thriller with the viewers glued to their Tv screens. Poovilangu Mohan played the role as the sincere and honest police officer and Thalaivaasal Vijay as the convict who were well appreciated for their performances. The serial left the audience to oscillate between beliefs and disbeliefs.

As all the stories of Indira Soundarajan and Sorna Regai with full of mysteries .The novel by the name Sorna Regai written by Indira Soundarajan was released in 1999 and after it was successful as a novel, the story was adapted  as a serial, as a part of Marmadesam and it proved to be all time hit.

Another version of this story...

Marmadesam is a popular Tamil Television Series. Marmadesam means ‘Place of Epics’. This show is deal with short stories related to the natural and real life stories. The narrator described some stories related to blind beliefs on Religion and their tradition epics of religion which are purely real life fiction stories. One of the best story of this serial is Ragasiyam. In this story of Ragasiyam, people had bling believe in the traditional and religion epics. In this story there was a big Temple, which was well known for his ritual activities and that was the reason why this temple was so popular. This temple was closed at 6:00pm in evening and opened again at 6:00 am daily.

People believe that at this time Sadhus worship and perform their ritual activities and if anybody tried to disturb them, he/she will be killed by a dog that was performing his role as the guard of a temple. Many times people tried to entered the temple at this time and hide there to know what Sadhus do. As they are hidden there, they were announced as dead by the Head of a temple, but it was just a lie that people believe but one day they are forced to break their blind beliefs from these Sadhus as they were about to know that all people were alive rather they were hidden by the head of temple to continue the belief of Devotees for them.

In the end, Devotees were about to know that hiding the people was the work of these Sadhus and dogs, not the God.

Main Role:

Venu Arvind is Tamil Film and Television Actor. He is mainly recognized for his role as Gautam in the serial Kasalavu Nesam Kasalavu Nesam is a comedy series directed by Leg >> Read More... . He also acted in various other shows like Raghuvamsum, Agni Sakshi etc.

Revathi Sankaran Revathi Sankaran is a well-known television and fi >> Read More... is Tamil Actor. She is a celebrity for her story of Harikatha. She also played her role in various television serials like Mangayar Choice, Ali Darbar, Janal and Kasalavu Nesam in which she roled as Gautham's mother.

Delhi Kumar Delhi Kumar is a veteran Tamil television and film >> Read More... is Tamil Actor. He is mainly known for his role as supporting characters in serials like Meti Oli. He was also roled in Tamil films like Stalin, Singham, Singham 2 and various other popular movies.

This is a Tamil Television serial and was Directed by K. Yadav. This show was first time aired in 1999 on Sun TV.

Another version of this story...

Sorna Regai is a mysterious- thriller serial which telecasted on Raj TV. It is the third of “Marmadesam” series; CJ Bhaskar of “Chithi” fame directed this series (The previous Marmadesam” serials “Ragasiyam” and “Vidāthu Karuppu” were directed by Naga) and was produced by Pushpa Kandaswamy Pushpa Kandaswamy is an Indian film producer, popu >> Read More... (Daughter of K. Balachander) under the banner “Kavithalayaa”. 

Just like the other Marmadesam serials, “Swarna Regai” was also written by the famous novelist Indira Soundarajan. The serial began with high expectations as except the director and the channel; most of the technicians were same as previous Marmadesam serials

Sorna Regai is a story that revolves around five people; an escaped death-sentenced prisoner who escapes from the police, a police officer, an astrologer (palmist) and a husband-wife working in a movie theater. The astrologer predicts that a death-sentenced prisoner, who is about to be hanged, will live for ninety years! Meanwhile, the prisoner escapes from the police and hides in a theater operator’s house. The rest of the story is about what happens to the prisoner and the theater operator and his wife. Film actor “ Thalaivasal Story Soon >> Read More... ” Vijay acted as the prisoner. 



C. Kumaresan Tamil Movie Actor
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C. Kumaresan
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Veena Venkatesh
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Aarthi Ganeshkar
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