P. Kuppusamy was born in Tamil Nadu, India. He is a professional lyricist, music composer, vocalist, songwriter and a playback singer in the Tamil Film Industry. He is a very famous Tamil Folk Artist. He has sung in hundreds of stage shows and Tamil films.

He is famous mainly for his effort to bring back a lost form of Tamil folk music namely Naatapura Paatu. The name of his wife is Ankitha Kappusamy. His wife played a major role in his success. Without her support, he would have never reached the level of success that he has achieved till now.

Along with her wife, he has sung folk songs in hundreds of concerts all over the world and has popularized this form of song. He is also a famous playback singer. Both he and his wife worked together to release some audio albums on folk music and sell millions of copies of them.

He has also written books which contain information and tips on folk music only and nothing else. Due to his works and talents, he has appeared in many TV shows on renowned South Indian TV channels like Sun TV, Gemini TV, Malakkal TV and Vijay TV. He has also appeared as a judge in some music-based reality shows. The Government of Tamil Nadu had rewarded him with the Kalaimamani award for his contributions to the folk music in Southern India.

He used to study at the Madras University. He obtained Master degrees in Philosophy and Arts from the University. He also completed his doctorate in music from Queen Mary’s College, which is a renowned music college in Chennai.

For his endless contributions in promoting folk music among the people in the South, Sathyabhama University rewarded him with a doctorate in music. Pushpavanam and Ankitha have performed over three thousand stage concerts together in all over India as well as the world.

He is also very famous as he tries to spread a social message through each and every song that he sings or composes. He has worked as a playback singer in many big budget films and has worked with some of the best Music Directors in the South Film Industry and has produced some of the best music to date.

He was also seen in the judging panel of some of the biggest musical shows on television. He is a very popular figure in the South Film and Music Industry.