Tamil Tv Serial Saradha

Saradha Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Saradha is a television serial that was aired on Raj TV and in UK-based channel, Deepam TV. The show was premiered on August 21, 2006 by AVM Kumaran. 

Saradha (played by Deepa Venkat) belongs to a middle-class household. She lives with her widowed mother, her sister Kalpana (played by Neelima Rani) and Shiva, her brother. She aspires to become a successful lawyer and so she pursued her studies until she finished a law course. She joins the renowned lawyer, Padmini (played by Nalini) as a junior lawyer. Her dream is to become a famous lawyer while Padmini aims to become a jury in the High Court. 

Padmini got the case of Surya (played by Sanjeev) and his group, which are a big goonda. This is the same time when Saradha joins Padmini in the firm. Surya used Saradha without her knowing and he absconds from the grip of the case. Padmini assumes that the reason for his escape is Saradha, so she got her arrested. Surya ensures that she will help Saradha to get out from the jail. 

Padmini treats Saradha now as a rival and begins on taking revenge to Saradha and her family. Saradha asked Surya to help her. Surya, even though he is a goonda, he is also a kind hearted person. Later, he fell in love with Saradha. But Saradha is in love with Prakash (played by Vishwa), a lawyer with an evil mind. The two will get married but Prakash will become so possessive to Saradha. He also gets jealous when Saradha is praising Surya. 

Meanwhile, Saradha’s sister, Kalpana fell in love with Prem (played by Deepak). He is the son of Padmini. The two started on chatting online. They decided to meet up and become friends. Subsequently, the two falls in love with each other. Saradha’s mother and Arunachalam have a genuine friendship and he has been helping their family so much. Arunachalam hated Padmini, but it will be revealed that they are siblings. Kamachi is a doctor whose husband was killed by Padmini and wants revenge. 

The story will revolve around the family bonding, love, vengeance and crime. A different twist happens in the serial as it goes along. The rivalry between Saradha, Padmini and Kamakshi will surely add an interesting turn in the story. A different set of cast will also make the serial more perplexing; however, the true colors of the original cast will also be revealed.