Tamil Tv Serial Pillai Nila

Pillai Nila Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Pillai Nila is a successfully running teleserial in Sun TV which has crossed more than 600 episodes. It is a half an hour series aired from Mondays through Saturdays at 5.30PM. It is a family soap opera that revolves around the girl child Nila. She is a sensible and responsible girl who understands people around her and tries to help them with suggestions. Kokila and Hema are best friends who are thick as theives. Unfortuantely they break up due to their love over Nila. Though this is the main line of story, a number of minor characters and stories associated with Nila are intermingled in the series.

Nila stays with Kokila and Ramkumar and loves them like her parents and the couple reciprocates it. Suspicion creeps in the mind of Nila when she overhears the conversation between Sharadha and Ramkumar. Nila mistakenly accuses Ramkumar guilty of an affair with Sharada and being the father of Hari, who is actually her nephew. The series takes twist and turn and builds up into a full fledged melodrama.Direction and Screenplay is done by Nimesh and it is produced by Saregama. Shamitha plays the lead role of Kokila and shyam Ganesh plays the role of her husband Ramkumar.

Baby Neha plays the key role of Nila. Shree, Divya Padmini and Rajalakshmi plays other important roles. It is a family drama where children speaks like mature adults that leave the viewers in momentary surprise but then they get used to it.

Another Version Of This Bio:

Pillai Nila is a Tamil television series. This show used to be telecasted in the popular Tamil channel of Sun TV. This show was shot in multiple locations to give it a dynamic screenplay. The three places where the filming took place were Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Chennai. The serial ran for a long time and telecasted over six hundred episodes. It was a direction done by D. K. S. Nimesh, and due to his reputation and excellence in the work, the show became one of the highest viewed shows on the channel during its airing.

The plot of the show begins with two female leads. One of them is named Kokila, and the other one is named Hema. Popular actor Shamita plays the role of Kokila and Hema’s role is played by Divya Padmini. Both the characters are displayed as very close friends, who are almost as thick as thieves. Meanwhile, a sweet little girl enters the storyline. She goes by the name Nila. Popular child artist Neha plays her character. Due to certain unfortunate incidents, both Hema and Kokila’s relationship break up, mostly due to Nila. This forms the base of the story while incurring a lot of minor characters.

The story goes on unleashing a lot of new characters facing a new story every episode. The new tale is in the association of Nila in some manner, and the entire theme of each episode gets intermingled with the plot or concept of the series as a whole. Nila is adopted by Kokila and her husband Ramkumar, who adores Nila and she loves them back equally. Nila feels so respectful and adored by both of them that she makes them her true parents in her heart. Meanwhile, a certain incident occurs in which Nila overhears a conversation between Ramkumar and Sharadha.

After this small event, Nila begins to suspect Ramkumar of having an affair with Sharadha. Eventually, she goes on to accuse Ramkumar as the guilty man who is having an affair with Sharadha and also have managed to father a boy named Hari out of the bonds of wedlock with Sharadha. In this case, Hari becomes a nephew to Nila. Havoc breaks out at this scene, and a lot of stressful situations arise as a result of the whole drama. In the end, everything turns out to be all right as Nila made a mistake of assuming things when she overheard Ramkumar and Sharadha that night. The whole accusation of an extra-marital affair and a child breaks cause when everything turns out to be just a misunderstanding.