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Aan paavam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv
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The serial telecasted in Sun TV ,"Aan paavam" was a hit and was favorite among the viewers. Produced by T.C.Thiagarajan of Sathyajothi films, who has created a niche of own in the industry ,the serial had a vast fan following .Shown as the story happens in Madurai, the temple town of South India ,the serial was shot mostly in Madurai and it was really a treat to watch the town in the serial.

The story revolves around, the family of a couple (Gopalswamy and Mahalakshmi) with four sons and the problems they face in their lives.. The director T.C.Bala has done justice to his job to  the core. Since most of the serials in Tamil shows the trouble the women face with cruel mothers in law and unkind husbands the serial “Aan paavam”, depicts the other side, like how husbands are tortured by wives. Normally, in India,many say that the couple with sons are the blessed and the couple with daughters are cursed.

Aan paavam details us that it is not true and show, the couple with sons are unhappy too. The story with very nice screen play has the share of comedies too, which takes the serial in lighter vein making viewers laugh loudly for the jokes shown . The cast includes Rajesh and Meera Krishnan Meera Krishnan… she is the beautiful Tamil actress >> Read More... playing the rolls of Gopalswamy and Mahalakshmi. Rajesh in an interview about the serial has said that he acted in this serial after a long gap in his acting career, but was excited and enjoyed doing the role knowing the story.

The story is knitted in a way , that makes the people understand the importance of men in the family. The way the wives treat their husbands in this serial , really shows the extent to which some wives are cruel to their husbands .This serial really is an eye opener in showing the other side of the coin. This serial is a milestone in the director Bala's career for sure and also one of the proud productions by Sathyajothi films.


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