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Nadhaswaram is an emotional family drama that depicts the life of the gentleman Chokkalingam and his family. Chokkalingam is a very disciplined and respectable man who loves his younger brother Mayilvahanan and his children just the way he loves his own children. He acts as an ideal head of the family by taking all the responsibilities for the prosperity of the people depending on him. He is a performer of “Nadhaswaram”, a wind instrument, along with his brother. Meenakshi is Chokkalingam’s wife who has is an uncontrollable love for her eldest son Prasad and she does anything for his sake. Maheshwari, Ragini and Geetha are the daughters of Chokkalingam and Meenakshi.

Both Maheshwari and Ragini are married but separated from their husbands due to various reasons. Geetha is a school going girl. Gopi and Malar are lovable couples and Gopi owns a tailor shop. He works sincerely and also takes interest in helping others and giving valuable advice to solve their problems. Malar is a caring wife who has left her family to live with her husband and in -Laws, as her wealthy parents does not approve Gopi. Gopi is Malar’s second husband as her ex-husband becomes paranoid. She helps Gopi with the family responsibility by working in Government Electricity board. Kaja is his assistant in the tailor shop. Mayilvahanan and Dheivanai have a son and two daughters.

They are Pandi, Kamu and Paramu. Deivanai creates animosity between the brothers by asking Mayilvahanan to play Nadhaswaram without Chokkalingam. Amidst all the turmoil and emotional fire ups, Pandi gets killed and Mayilvahanan blames Chokkalingam and Gopi for it. He plans to take revenge but later on realises the truth. This successful top rated Tamil soap opera has crossed more than 1000 episodes in which the 1000th episode was telecasted live on March 2014 as a single shot of 23 minutes which is a Guinness World Record in the small screen history. Actors Mouli, Poovilangu Mohan Poovilangu Mohan is one of the veterans in Tamil t >> Read More... , Director ' Thirumurugan Thirumurugan is a Tamil television serial director >> Read More... ', Jayanthi narayanan and ' Srithika Srithika is a budding Tamil television artiste, wh >> Read More... ' plays the main characters. Director Thirumurugan who proved his credibility with “Metti oli” has once again proved his mark in making family dramas. Produced by Thiru pictures, this entertaining family drama is telecasted on Sun TV.

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Nadhaswaram” is a super hit Tamil serial being telecasted in Sun Television. This is written and directed by famous actor, director Thirumurugan for “Thiru Pictures Private Limited”. Veteran actor Mouli acts as the main character in this serial who has garnered a number of viewers to this serial. It's a practical storyline, thrilling suspense, the right mix of dialogues and superb direction has brought a number of watchers who never saw a television serial before. The other important character in this serial is played by director Thirumurugan himself. Poovilangu Mohan, Srithika, Jeyanthi Narayan and Theni Sathyabama play useful roles on this serial. It is a family drama shot in the outskirts of Karaikkudi (a famous town in Tamil Nadu).

This differentiates this serial from other city based productions and gives a fresh feel. The proof for Nadhaswaram’s success lies in the sheer numbers. It has already crossed 1000 episodes, running for more than four years. As another feather in the cap of the director, he went ahead and attempted to shoot an entire episode (around 23 minutes) in a single shot. It was thought to be an impossible dream, but Thirumurugan and his team rehearsed well and achieved it, earning a name and fame in the Guinness book of world records. “Nadharswaram” started its journey April 2010. It’s title music and theme music is composed by Kiran, Sanjeev Rathan respectively, while Sarath K Chandhar handles the camera work. Thirumurugan has written the script and directed this family drama which is all set to continue for many years entertaining Tamil fans.

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The Guinness World Record fame Tamil Television serial Nadhaswaram aired on SUN TV since 2010. It is been directed by Thirumurugan, who made his debut in the mega hit serial Metti Oli. Nadhaswaram is actually a Wind Instrument made up of wood used in all auspicious functions of South India for centuries. Nadhaswaram serial deals with family-oriented script that’s deals with the life style and happenings in a family that is driven by playing Nadhaswaram as their income. This serial is completely shot in Karaikudi an ancient pilgrimage town and the highlight of this serial is it has a lot of debutant actors, different than other serials where famous and known artists play the major role.

Chokkalingam played by Mouli, the well-known director and script writer of South Indian languages since 1975 plays the head of the household who is a Nadhawaram player in the town along with his brother Mayilvahanam played by Poovilangu Mohan with the director Thirumurugan himself playing the cameo of Gopi the lead character of the serial. Nadhaswaram serial, being the First Indian Mega Serial to be aired live, just like any other Cricket match, the serial has earned a place in The Guinness World Records. This feat was achieved on the serial's 1000th Episode on 5th March 2014. By shooting and playing it live with a 23-minute long live telecast in a single shot with a regular video camera. Mouli being an Actor cum Director, Stage performer and Playwriter have won Kalaimani and won Nandi Awards 5 time for his film. Director Thirumurugan also has won the Best Director award for this Film Em Magan from Tamil Nadu State awards.