Jayanthi Narayanan is a Tamil Television actress best known for her role in much acclaimed serial Nadhaswaram which is being aired by Sun TV since 2010. Nadhaswaram is a family drama which showcases relations, love and sacrifices of the characters. Jayanthi Narayanan plays Meenakshi, who is the wife of the main character Chokkalingam. She plays a beloved wife who treats her husband's nieces like her own children. Jayanthi Narayanan has a slight touch of a worrisome mother who is very possessive about her children. She has essayed the role of a mother with her quite realistic style of acting and a very powerful display of emotions as a mother. Like many other debuts in the serial Jayanthi Narayanan is also a new comer in the serial. Her performance has made her a household name in the Tamil television world. Her more than 1000 episodes long association with Nadhaswaram has earned her a lot of praise, as Nadhaswaram has a Guinness book listed record of first live telecasted serial in the Indian TV world, that too in its marathon 1000 episode. The serial is still appreciated by viewers due to, it’s quite impressive storyline and a very realistic touch to a colorful petal of emotions.