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Marmadesam-Vidaathu Karuppu Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Vidaathu Karuppu, a thriller serial, with the story provided by Indira Soundarajan, who is famous for his thrilling stories, Vidathu Karuppu was a super hit .With the screenplay and dialogues by Indira Soundarajan, the story was oscillated between the past and present. One of the proud productions of K.Balachander’s Min Bimbangal, Vidaathu Karuppu showed the viewers the depth of human mind, with the beliefs and desires, using mythological elements, with the help of various folklores . The interesting story line was knitted about the past and the present. In the past , the story revolves around the families of Kuthirai naicker and Anaimudi in a village.

Due to the greediness and cruel hearted Bullakku pecchi, the mother of Anaimudi, the entire family of Kuthirai Naicker commits suicide. But before that, Kuthirai Naicker, prays to the village deity, Karuppu Sami and makes appeals to teach a lesson to the evil minded. At a point of time, the greedy women Bullakku pechchi absconds, and after few days, she is considered as dead. The lone survivor from the Kuthirai Naicker family, who was in Srilanka, comes to the village and the family matters taken over by the deity Karuppu. The story shown as happening in the present , was about Ratna, Reena and how Reena finds out the mysteries of the village and the stories .

Ratna, belonged to the family of Anaimudi, a doctor by profession. She comes to the village to take the blessings of Karuppu Sami, to marry her lover Arvind, a colleague of her. Her close friend Reena, accompanies her to the village. Reena, knowing about the events and stories of the village , the gruesome deaths, and villagers beliefs , gets confused and for her it all looks weird. How she finds out the truth and brings it out is the rest of the story. She finds that the school teacher in the village was the cause of all these mysteries , because of his hatredness towards the Anaimudi family. Directed by Naga, and the music composed by Vihaan was an added advantage to the success of the serial.

The cast included, Devadharshini as Reena, Poovilangu Mohan Poovilangu Mohan is one of the veterans in Tamil t >> Read More... as the school teacher , Venu Arvind Venu Arvind, or commonly known as Venu Aravind, is >> Read More... , Ajayratnam, Delhi Ganesh Delhi Ganesh is one of the veteran Tamil actors, b >> Read More... , Thalaivasal Vijay Vijay ( Vijaykumar) got the title Thalaivasal as h >> Read More... , Charuhaasan, Mayilsamy, Ponvannan and others. Everyone acted in this have done justice to their roles with good performance, special appreciation must be given to Devadharshini and Poovilangu Mohan who have done excellent performances, getting applauded by the viewers.

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Marmadesam - Vidaathu Karuppu telecasted on Sun TV during 1998. It is directed by Naga, with Chetan and Devadarshini playing the lead roles. Vidathu Karuppu is highly successful serial of the Marmadesam series, it was a trend-setter in the Tamil television history! This story is about a medical student Reena, who goes to one of her colleague’s (Anaimudi Naicker’s) village. The people of that village believe that if anybody commits a sin, Karuppu Sami, the guardian deity, will kill that person, and it was not just a belief, Reena herself sees people die. Rajendran, a village native, falls in love with Reena, he proposes to her, but she denies him.

She couldn’t believe that the Karuppu Sami is killing the people and someone is behind all this, and she tries to find out who it is. At first, she suspects that the temple priest is behind all these murders, but eventually she finds out that the priest is innocent. Then she suspects Poovilangu Mohan (a schoolteacher), but soon finds out he is also not guilty. Meanwhile, once Reena insults Rajendran, angered Rajendran rapes Reena! As he commits sin, he becomes the next target of “Karuppu Sami”. Following that, Rajendran kills himself in front of villagers, the villagers thinks that Karuppu Sami spirit had entered into Rajendran's body and killed him. Reena doesn’t agree to this and she tells the public that Rajendran, had split personality disorder as he had undoubtedly believed in the stories of Karuppu Sami from his childhood, he had developed the split personality and believed himself as Karuppu Sami.

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Vidathu Karuppu is the second installment of the cult TV series Marma Desam Marma Desam, meaning “Land of Mystery” is a collec >> Read More... . Set in a village in the southern parts of rural Tamil Nadu, Vidathu Karuppu explores about a religious cult Karuppu Sami, who is believed by the people of a village as their guardian deity and also deals with people and incidents revolving around split personality disorder. With a series of mysterious murders in the village, the series centres around who has done it shown through the eyes of a medical student Reena (Devadharshini) who comes to the village with her mentor.

With the story going back and forth over a period of 20 years, the show presents both the scientific and the religious facts, and allows the viewers to conclude from it. Vidathu Karuppu was a very successful show on Sun TV during the period of 1997-98. It was a weekly show and was aired on every Wednesday at 8 30 PM. This TV series was directed by Naga, who earned fame with Ragasiyam which was the first of the Marmadesam series. Vidathu Karuppu managed to become the top rated TV series in Chennai in terms of viewership in the year 1998. It became a trendsetter in the genre of psychological and supernatural thrillers and has managed to inspire many other TV shows and movies.