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Tamil Tv Serial Thangam

Thangam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Nakkeeran directed Thangam, which is a Tamil serial, telecasted during weekdays on Sun TV. Its first episode was aired on 30th June 2009. The key actors who contributed to the success of this serial were Ramya Krishnan Ramya Krishnan is a South Indian movie and TV actr >> Read More... , Seema, Manju Bhargavi The Telugu audience would surely remember Manju Bh >> Read More... and Vijayakumar. The plot is about a vibrant and dynamic woman and how she tackles all problems that are attacking her. She gets problems from within the society and her family.

Vijayakumar (Raja in the serial) is fondly called as Ayyaa in the village of Ayyakudi. The family he hails from is the most respected and famous for their kindness. Ayyaa married two women who are Naachiyar and Subbulakshmi. The former was the first wife and the latter was his second one. Ayyaa has 2 sons namely Karthik and Saravanan and 3 daughters namely Ganga, Ramaa and Charulatha. The antagonist of this serial is Kulasekharan who is the husband of Mutharasi (Ayyaa’s younger sister).

Kulasekharan is also the elder brother of Naachiyar. He has one son named Jayachandran and a daughter named Illavanji. Ayyaa’s daughter Ganga marries Selvakannan who is an IAS. Ganga is also an IAS and hence she works along with him as a district sub-collector. Everyone in the family loves Ganga. As every family would have problems, Ayyaa’s family also fell prey to this issue. Naachiyaar’s brother did not like the family of Subbulakshmi and that is the start of all problems.

The serial revolves mostly around this plot and showcases how everyone defends himself or herself, especially how Ganga tackles all the problems that keep coming out of this issue. Meanwhile, a bull was released to attack Ganga who is pregnant. This resulted in her abortion and there are a couple of episodes that highlight the issues handled. When the family tries to celebrate Ayyaa’s 60th birthday, he reveals the secret of why he married Subbulakshmi and that only the trio know about this and have not told this to anyone so far.

During the climax, Kulasekaran challenges and plans to kill Ayyaa and plots a master plan. However, all of that was broken and in one incident, Ayyaa caught Vandana (Selvakannan’s PA) red handed when she and her mother were trying to mix a poisonous item in the food that is about to be served to Ayyaa. All of a sudden, Kulasekaran and Subbulakshmi arrive and on seeing thisstop the entire family from eating the food for good. This creates a good impression of him and he turns out to be a gentleman. The family lives happily thereafter and finally takes a group photo with the entire family.