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Kailasanadhan is a devotional serial that depicts the story of Lord Shiva, the Kailasanadhan. The serial, in the initial days, showed the tragic, epic story of Shiva and Sati, the partial incarnation of the supreme Goddess. The serial showed the heart touching episode of how Sati sacrifices her life owing to the ultimate love she has for her sweetheart Lord Shiva.

The revenge that Lord Shiva takes against Daksha whose pride is the reason for the death of Sati forms the plot for the serial later on. Sati, who kills herself in pranagni, is shown reborn as Parvathi. The life of Shiva and Parvathi becomes the story of the serial later on. The birth of Karthikeya and the war between him and Tarakasura also forms story for the serial.

Thus the serial looks at different stories, all interconnected to the stories of Shiva and portrays them in a beautifully woven plot. The serial passes through the different legendary stories that exists in Purana. The beauty of Kailasam and the graceful Shiva makes the serial a personal family favorite irrespective of the age groups.

Inspired by the works of the mythologist Devdutt Pattanaik, the serial was originally made in Hindi and later dubbed into many regional languages and even into Indonesian. The serial continues to inspire the divine love among its audience.