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Coimbatore Ammayi Malayalam Tv serials on Amrita tv
Written By - Team Nettv4u
COIMBATORE AMMAYI is a TV serial portraying the life of good and bad, honorable and greedy living under the same roof and complications arising due to it, with the story tightly woven around the main character Visalakshi who from Coimbatore. The story is set around the family of Karunakaran who is usually bitter and a tight fisted businessman who has amassed a vast wealth through his business. Events in his life such as his widowed mother re-marriage have transformed him into a misogynist. When his mother passes away leaving behind four step siblings he is put into a position that he does not wish to be in taking caring for his step siblings all alone. Matters get even worse for Karunakaran when his eldest step sister shames the family name further by running away with her lover. What is left of Karunakaran’s family is a dumb step brother and two younger step sisters who are money minded, materialistic and only care for his wealth more than anything. They get married and their off springs are no better than their parents only caring for Karunakaran’s wealth. Karunakaran’s misery becomes unbearable when his eldest sister returns home after 20 years with her daughter her husband having been murdered. He suffers a massive stroke and his family vying for his wealth plans to seize the opportunity after his death.

That’s when the main protagonist Visalakshi enters their lives claiming to be the estranged wife of the departed. She inherits all of Karunakaran’s property. She is good hearted and divides the wealth equally among the relatives. But when undeserved wealth starts to breed greedy and evil chaos ensues again in the family. Coimbatore Ammayi once again enters the scene to set everything straight will she able to succeed is the burning question.

AMRITA TV aired the show Monday to Friday on the 9 pm slot. With veteran actress Sukumari enticing the audience with her acts in the serial. The emotions are well written to connect with the demographic audience.


Shanavas Malayalam Supporting Actor
Kripa Malayalam TV-Actress
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Anu Gopi
Captain Raju Malayalam Villain
DOB: 27 June 1950
Captain Raju