Malayalam Tv Serial 4 The People

4 The People Malayalam tv-serials on Asianet TV

4 The People is a Malayalam television series. The show was launched by the Malayalam channel Asianet. The direction of this series was looked after by Harrison. A total number of 192 episodes were launched for this television series. The show was produced under the banner of the production company Bishwas Creations, by ChinmayaNayak. The show began to be aired on television from the year 2015, on 8 June. The entire array of 192 episodes got completed by early 2016, on 4 March.

During its period of airing, the show used to be telecasted every weekday, from Monday all the way through to Friday, at the timeslot of 06:30 p.m., on the Malayalam channel of Asianet. This show came onto the screen replacing the famous series of the channel Balaganapathy, and after it had gone off the air, Seethayanam took its place. The story of this compelling and thought provoking Malayalam television daily soap opera revolves around the daily lives of four teenage friends. They are three boys, Roy, Vijay, and Nandu, and one girl, Anuradha.

The plot of the story makes these four kids appear together in the form a musical band. Anuradha, who is the lead singer of the band, although as talented she is, entails a lot of trouble along with her. Due to this, the all the other members of the band get involved in a series of gruesome mishaps. These scenarios of misfortune and trouble in the lives of these four kids give rise to the tale of this show. Firstly the troubles began to arise at the college of these four kids. Eventually, the troubles follow them all and rush into their personal lives as well.

Eventually, the battle against these ups and downs that are put up by these teenagers portrays a mark of excellence and perseverance. This is where the story ends on a happy note, where all these four teenagers break out of all troubles and live out a happy life further on along with the success of their musical band. After a very enthralling performance in the serial Parijatham, actress Aishwarya performed her comeback on Malayalam television with a dynamic role in this series.

At first, Meera, who was quite a popular face on television as a child artist, made her debut into television as a lead actor by playing Anuradha’s character. But after a while, she was replaced by Mithra Nair. Joemon Joshy and Sree Dev are two other actors who debuted the Malayalam television with this series.