Meera Nair is a prominent actress in the Malayalam big screen as well as the mini screen. She may be more popularly recognized as “ Anuradha Anuradha is one of the legendary artists of Indian >> Read More... Anuradha ” or “Anup” from the popular dramatic Malayalam soap opera “Four the People”. This is Meera’s latest project, and in this, she plays the lead character – the fourth member of a band, and the only female lead. She has been appreciated for her complex acting skills, in the serial “Four the People”, she has to take up two roles, one as a female character – Anuradha, and the second as a male – Anup. Her characters were forced to be switched up due to the complex circumstances of the plot. Nevertheless, her efforts have been enjoyed and accepted by all. Meera started as a child artist. She was then referred to as ‘Baby Meera Nair’. She first set foot in this industry in the year 2006, with her debut serial in Surya TV, named “ Butterflies Butterflies were initially believed to be a perfec >> Read More... Butterflies ”. She later went on to do her debut film named “Chitrakuzal”. It was a children’s film, which was based on environment and the various issues that it faces.

The movie was selected for the Lucknow International Children’s Festival. She has also taken up a character role in the hit film “Rathinirvetham” which was released in the year 2011. Meera Nair also played the role of “ Meenakshi Pinky Sarkar, better known by the name Meenakshi, >> Read More... Meenakshi ” in the tele - drama “ Ithal Story Coming Soon... >> Read More... Ithal ”. Meera could be said to be an actress who jumps at good opportunities. She never lets anything good to slide past her. She is confident enough to take up any role and can complete the given role efficiently. She is a promising young actress in the Malayalam film / television industry, who is bound to surprise her audience with her skillful acting. Having started her career at such a young age, she is now an expert in the field.