Malayalam Awards Amrita Film Awards 2010

Amrita Film Awards 2010 Malayalam tv-shows on Amrita TV

The Amrita Film Awards 2010 is the annual award ceremony which got presented on the channel Amrita TV. The ceremony recognized talented members of the Malayalam cinema world for the outstanding contributions they made to films during the year. The event got held live on January 2010 in Marine Drive located in the city of Cochin. It has been running successfully ever since its inauguration. The ceremony looked to honor the professional excellence attained by members of the Malayalam film fraternity. Both the nominations along with the award selections got made by an esteemed panel which comprised of distinguished professionals who dedicated their life to the industry. The Amrita Film Awards 2010got presented to artists who displayed excellent performances in the films which hit cinema screens last year.

The annual exercise recognizes the best performers, contributors and actors within the world of cinema. The evening saw the Malayalam film fraternity celebrating together. These superstars also put up some riveting and dazzling performances which added to the glamor of the evening. In attendance was Shreya Saran crooning her soothing and melodious tracks. She put together a mini concert the likes of which have rarely been seen before. She started slow but picked up the pace to go towards faster numbers and foot tapping music. The audience stood mesmerized and listened to her with glee. Along with her was Rima Kallingal setting the stage a fire with her usual energetic and graceful performance. She came on stage and started simple, but moved on to showing the immense talent which has taken her to the heights of the dance world.

Also, Pia Bajpai and her exuberant nature enraptured everyone. Her dance moves mesmerized the young and old alike.It wasn’t just song and dance though but the comic capers of the anchors who left the audience members in splits. Their tantalizing energy kept the entire show alive and buzzing. The winners this year included lots of noted personalities. Mammootty took the title of Best Actor for the brilliant acting he showed. Kavya Madhavan got the award for Best Actress. She got honored with the same for her role in the movie titled Banaras. This was a testament to the talent she showed with 2010 being particularly good for her. Pazhassi Raja and Paleri Manikyam jointly got the recognition of being the year’s Best Movie. They both consisted of spellbinding performances and a fantastic story which made it difficult to pick one against the other. Ranjith got awarded as the Best Director for the commendable work he showed in Paleri Manikyam.