A great Indian film director Mr.Ranjith Balakrishnan Nair was born on 4th September 1964 in Balussery Kerala. Apart from directing Malayalam Cinema he is also known for variegate aspects of filming like screen writer , producer as well as actor. Two of his most famous film ventures are “Thirakkatha “ and “Indian Rupee “that  won the National Film Award for the Best Feature Film in Malayalam in 2008 and 2011 resp.

When he graduated from THE School  Of Drama And Fine Arts,Thrissur, he tried his luck at skits and t.v serials as an actor for Doordarshan. His debutant films were OruMaymasPulariyil . Later on he made his ingression by writing stories for a fun- adventure film directed by Kamal. The success of the story eventually lead to the commencement of omnifarious script writing for small budget films.

The reign of 1993 made a colossal turning point for Ranjith’s career ”Devasuram”  film under his own writting was based on the life of father-like figure MallasseryRajagopal turned into a gaint hit at the box office. Again due to some gaining momentum which becomes a massive hit in the antiquity of Malayalam cinema till then, which gave him the title of the most successful script writer of those times.

From 1993 till date his progress has seen a tremendous process of ups and downs but he never took a set back .With one after the another blockbuster movies his career hiked like a jet. As of now he is a School Director for Cochin Media School , which is the first legitimate Film and Broadcasting Institute in Kerala. He from then created master piece through his writing in various genre like satire , fun , adventure etc. His latest feather in the cap was for the movie Leela where he won the best Director award. There are numerous National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards , Kerala State Film Award, FilmFare Awards South in his pockets . A legend born in the south cinema world despite of the downs in his career he never let his spirit to vanish and had faith in himself.