Kannada Tv Show Akshara Maale

Akshara Male Kannada Tv shows on Udaya tv

Akshara Maale is a singing based television show that aired on Udaya TV.  Akshara Maale is a popular reality game show running successfully for 15 years. This show has been hosted by Abhijit, Sangeetha Ravishankar, and Anuradha Bhatt. Abhijit has multiple facets as actor, host, producer, etc., Anuradha Bhatt is an Indian playback singer. She works mostly in Kannada films. She has sung over 5000 songs since the beginning of her career. Akshara Maale aired every week on Sunday. This program premiered in 1998. The show is held each week in various hot cities of Karnataka.

The people who are interested in taking part can pair up with his/ her relatives, friends, neighbors, etc., But the condition is that the pair should consist of a person with the opposite gender. The selected teams have to compete with each other to win a prize at the end of the game show. The first team might be given a letter. The team has to sing a song with the sound of that letter. Then, the other team has to Carol a song with a sound that the previous team has ended their song. After this, the host will give a specific word to the teams. The competitors have to sing a song that starts with the specified word. The level gets harder with each level.

This show contains four levels. The last stage, i.e., the fourth level of this program, is “bhava Taranga.” As the name indicates, the competitors have to choose and sing a song with the emotions. Akshara Maale has a good response to the people of Karnataka. At the end of the show, the winners are declared based on their singing talents. Abhijit and Anuradha Bhatt serve as anchors as well as the judges of this program. Both will choose the winners and give them the prize. This show had been running successfully on Udaya TV from 1998 to 2015.