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Bindaas Bakra Kannada Tv serials on Suvarna plus
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Bindaas Bakra is a comedy show that airs on the prime-time Kannada channel, Star Suvarna Plus. Star Suvarna Plus is a part of Star India network. The channel mainly telecasts movies and certain comedy and fun shows. Bindaas Bakra show is telecasted five days a week, Monday to Friday at 4:00 p.m. Bindaas Bakra is a reality comedy show. In the world of competitions, even in the genre of comedy, some shows are made solely for the purpose of making the audience laugh their hearts out. One such show is the Bindaas Bakra.

Bindaas Bakra is a pure laughter riot in real time situations. The show takes comedy out in the real world. The format of the show is such that, someone from the crew members of the show will be allocated with a particular prank or gig and then they will have to go out in public spots or to the public and play those pranks like they are absolutely true and natural. For example, they might be told to go into a market place and pick up a fight with someone for some really silly reason or without any reason at all. There will be other members of the crew in and around the place with hidden cameras and they will be capturing the scenes.

The prank is played in the most real way so that public does not realise it is all made up. The situation is pushed to a limit where things start to get out of hands. That is when it is disclosed to the person or people involved that it was prank and they are being recorded live on the show. The reactions that gets captured after the people realize they were trolled on camera is hilarious. The situations created by the show are so funny that sometimes the crew members themselves are not able to hold on until the very end and burst out laughing in between.

So in a matter of a few moments, this show turns a boring day day into a funny day. The crew takes the show to any possible location like market places, outside colleges, important public spots in and around the state of Karnataka. The show has no particular host. They have a group of people who turn wise play pranks or troll people. This is done with a motive that having a common face will increase the identification rate and will ruin the essence of the show. The show takes people by surprise and sometimes by awkwardness by asking weird questions. The show do’s anything and everything to get utmost laughter and fun out of any situation.