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Moodala Mane Kannada Tv serials on Etv kannada

Moodala Mane is a Kannada television series that runs on the ETV Kannada television channel. It is supposed to be a very famous prime-time soap opera amongst the Kannadigas. The story revolves around a crisis that occurs in a traditional and typical joint family of the Madhwa’s, who live in the North Karnataka region. The family has to accept a baby as one of their own that comes from a completely different wedlock. The show attempts to capture the subsequent turmoil the family faces in terms of emotional acceptance.

The main acceptance has to come from the head of the family, yet he finds it extremely hard to acknowledge the facts on a deeper and emotional level and that subsequently disturbs him during the execution of his responsibilities. The show also explores the various levels on which the status quo of a woman lies in a rather patriarchal setting of a Brahmin family. The show is the first ever Kannada mega serial that has been directed by a professional woman director. Vaishali Kasaravalli is the director of the show, and her main attempt is to expose the obvious futility that lies in multiple traditional values that are considered by many. She subtly wishes to portray the fact about the inevitability of change that occurs continuously, but what remains important in the end is the achievement of samsara, not the remaining pure according to certain traditions that have been polluted as time has passed. All the dialogues in the show are in the North Karnataka dialectic.

The show is known for the authentic use of the North Karnataka accent, the beautiful traditional costumes, the ancient locations, and the portrayal of an Orthodox family and the bonds that lie between them. The show is also supposed to stand out for the two main reasons - the rich experiences of Ms. Kasaravalli as a director, a technician, and as an artist in the various fields of cinema, theater, and television respectively. She has acted in sixty plays herself and is respected for the challenging theme she has taken up for the show. She has won multiple awards for her costume designing and her various other television shows. She had won the Nataka Academy Award in 2002. The litterateur Chandrashekhar Kambara has given the soundtrack for the show. The title song of the show, ‘Nammura Agasyaga,’ also happens to be one of the important highlights of the show. Singer Sangeeta Katti has beautifully sung the song in a prevalent folk manner.