Kannada Tv Serial Madhubala Kannada

Madhubala Kannada Kannada tv-serials on SUVARNA TV

Suvarna TV broadcasted ‘Madhubala’ first time on 15th September 2014. It came from Monday to Saturday at 6:00 pm. It belongs to the drama genre. Hayavadana Vadiraj directed it. It had Shravanth, Rachana MG, and Archana Archie as actors. Archana Archie and Rachana MG debuted from this show. In the starting, Shravanth was a VJ and then he did Kannada films, but he regained his popularity from this show. Shravanth played the character of Krishna, Rachna MG played Madhu, and Archana Archie was Sonia in this show. It shows a story of the beautiful young girl who belongs to a remote village background. She is a kind and polite girl. She is very innocent, and her name is Madhu. She is around 18 years old. She gets married to a man, Krishna. He has no interest in her and not even in marriage. Moreover, he belongs to a hi-tech city. He is already having a secret relationship with Sonia, another lady. Their relationship is an odd untidy one. Nobody knows about his relationship with Sonia. He marries Madhu because of family pressure.

The story shows the struggles and problems faced by Madhu to maintain her relationship with Krishna. It also shows the adjustments which she has to make to adjust in the city atmosphere coming from a poor village. It is the highlight of the show. Moreover, to see her husband with another lady is the most difficult thing for any woman. Krishna thinks that he loves Sonia. That’s why, he tries different ways to get Madhu out of his house but every time his attempts fail, and Madhu stays back. He develops feelings for her, but after that also, he remains confused about what he actually wants.

Madhu has to face a lot of tricks and tantrums against her in the journey to maintain her marriage. She is even humiliated. Will Krishna ever be able to realize his love for Madhu? What will be the reaction of Madhu after knowing Krishna’s feelings? For how much time will she tolerate everything? Will they ever be able to live like normal husband and wife? What will Sonia do? For all these questions, you have to see Madhubala. It is very interesting to see the twists that come up in the way of Madhu and the way she handles them. Madhu is shown as a very strong woman who has the strength to tolerate everything. The way Madhu’s and Krishna’s relationship glooms is very brilliantly shown. Moreover, actors have done a superb job. It is a very entertaining show, and you will definitely like it.