Kannada Tv Serial Madarangi

Madarangi Kannada Tv serials on Udaya tv

Madarangi is a drama series which airs on the channel Udaya TV. The show runs on weekdays from Monday to Friday at 9:30 PM. It is a Kannada language series and is the creation of B. Suresh, who is the Director. He is also the producer of the show and is amongst one of the most renowned names in the Kannada television industry. The show also boasts of some of the best names in the field amidst its star cast. Some great actors like Srinivas Prabhu, Krithi Bettad, Dharmendra Urs, Roopa, Manju Badiger, Akshatha Rao, Shylaja Nag, Deepa Bhaskar, Malathi Sirdeshpande, Jyothi Nagraj, Seetha Kote, and other fabulous actors. The show also consists of a very melodious title track.

The music has got a lot of love and appreciation from the followers of the series. The music manages to add a life of its own to the drama unfolding on the screen. Deepa Bhaskar is the leading lady in the program. Her acting in the series has brought her to the spotlight. She has received praise on many forums for the ease with which she slips into her role. She has also been applauded for the efficiency she has brought to her role in the series. Srinivas Prabhu has also received positive reviews for his role in the show. The character’s persona has gelled well with him, helping him to do justice to the role. The series deals with many real life scenarios, and that is what makes it endearing to the viewers.

The grace and simplicity with which the show has gotten portrayed brings a certain depth to the show and also makes it easier for the audience to appreciate. The viewers are often enchanted with the stories of the characters in the series and connect well with the incidents shown. The show thus succeeds in showcasing the real life situations and making the audience connect to the characters of the show and their stories. For the tale stays rooted in reality. We can all feel that we have at some point in time or the other gone through the same scenario.

A lot of praise is also showered on the team for the innovativeness in the story. Everything is very well-crafted, be it the screenplay or the lucid dialogues, all ingredients add to the success of the show. The words are heart-warming and equally relatable. They avoid verbosity and represent the language spoken by us on a regular basis.