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Kannada Movie Actress Akshatha Rao
  • Gender : Female
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Akshatha Rao is a talented Kannada actress primarily known for her roles in movies like Ondanondu Kaladalli (1978) and Geetha (1981). Both the movies had the popular actor, screenwriter and director Shankar Nag Shankar Nag, most influential and talented Kannada >> Read More... in the lead role.

The movie Ondanondu Kaladalli, which was released in the year 1978 kick started Shankar Nag’s career as an actor and director in Kannada cinema and also received many accolades and awards. Owing to which it was screened at several film festivals. Akshatha Rao received an immense appraisal for her portrayal of Savantri in the film. The film’s plot revolved around Gandugali (Shankar Nag), a mercenary who earns a position in the army after he rescues a few wounded soldiers. He wishes to get even with his brother, whom he considers his enemy.

Although the film was an enormous success, Akshatha Rao’s acting prowess was highlighted in her next movie, Geetha, which released in 1981 and had Shankar Nag as the male lead. The script was, however, the real hero of the film. Geetha falls in love with Sanjay, who is a singer. Badly, Geetha gets blood cancer. Sanjay's ex-girlfriend will also be a victim of a car crash. The disease leads to the damage of Geetha's (Akshatha Rao) eyes and loses her vision amongst other noticeable bodily scars. Though Sanjay (Shankar Nag) tries to save Geetha's (Akshatha Rao) life by bringing drugs from California, Geetha breathes her last by the time he reaches.

This flick is famous in the Kannada film records for it's excellent music score by Ilayaraja. The song "Jotheyelli" was a massive hit among the other songs Most recently the veteran actress was seen in a heart-warming television commercial for Fortune Cooking Oil where she plays a loving mother who prepares her son’s favourite food on his birthday and travels a long way to gift him that.

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