Hindi Tv Show Bodyline

Bodyline Hindi tv-shows on DD NATIONAL

Bodyline is an Australian television mini-series adapted for Indian audiences on Doordarshan channel. It focuses on the English Ashes cricket tour of England to Australia in 1932-33. It is titled Bodyline based on the bodyline cricketing tactic that the English had devised during the Ashes tour. The show describes in detail the England Cricket Team’s Ashes tour of Australia in 1932-33. The tactics used by the England team of bowling directly at the batsman to counteract the batting prowess of Australian cricketer Donald Bradman is what forms the crux of this mini-series. It was first aired 16 July 1984 on Network 10 and was aired in a 7 part series, each expanding to a run time of over fifty minutes. It ran for four weeks.

The series has been adapted for Indian audiences and is a major success as Indian population is obsessed with cricket and there hasn’t been any mainstream show on cricket either. It is also a change for people who are tired of watching the same old tried and tested soap operas on television. Being a series with limited episodes adds to its advantage as people don’t have to commit too much of their time. The show is gripping and full of twists and turns and manages to maintain the attention of its viewers throughout the series. Even people who are not interested in cricket or who don’t have enough knowledge of the sport can watch it and enjoy for its beautifully crafted storyline and brilliant direction. The strategies and tactics used by the England team to defeat Australia will forever remain on every person’s mind who watches the show.

Since it showcases a real life event, the curiosity to know what happened has hooked more and more people to the show. The directors of the show are George Ogilvie, Lex Marinos, Carl Schultz and Denny Lawrence. Carl Schultz is the winner of eight Australian Film Institute awards. George Ogilvie worked with many Australian theater and opera groups and directed the much-awarded The Place at the Coast. Denny Lawrence studied at NDA and directed the much acclaimed Goodbye Paradise in 1984. Lex Marinos is a renowned director, actor, and TV presenter. All these personalities put together gives us the jewel that is Bodyline. The show stars Hogo Weaving as Douglas Jardine and Gary Sweet as Donald Bradman as the leads.

Hugo Weaving has acted in movies like The Hobbit, V for Vendetta, Captain America, and The Matrix. He is a celebrated English-Australian actor and has performed in and produced numerous films. Gary Sweet has acted in several TV shows like House Husband, Stingers, and Police Rescue and has won numerous awards both in America and in Australia. Bodyline as a show connects majorly to the youth and the male viewers. Despite being made in the 1980’s the show manages to hook the attention of the audience even today possible why Doordarshan decided to air it. People enjoy watching it, and it’s got positive reviews throughout the country. The audience base for the show has been on the rise, and people are enjoying it tremendously. Being a show on cricket in a country where almost 90% of the populations are huge cricket fans the show is a sure shot hit.