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Written By - Team Nettv4u

Son Pari - Aired first time in 2000 this was among the first fantasy-adventure show that featured a lady with super powers that were meant to save the world from the evil. This was the first time on Indian TV that it was happening & to fulfill the expectations of the makers this show came on with a BANG. It was the time when children were ready for the fiction dose & it gave the same with the right spirit giving a strong message that ‘evil can never be bigger than good’.

The story is about Fruity. Her mother died long ago. Fruity goes to the terrace to look at the stars, as she believes her mother is in one of them. One night Son Pari comes to her and offers her friendship in return for the assistance Fruity once gave her. This starts the story of their strange friendship. Son Pari and Altu start meeting Fruity regularly and have many adventures. They help her get rid of Ruby, a woman who wants to marry Fruity's father, Rohit, for his money. Although Ruby's brother helps Ruby, Son Pari and Altu make sure they don't succeed.

Later Son Pari realises that Fruity is in great danger, for it is written on the prophecies that Fruity will kill Kali Pari (Black Fairy), who is the main villain of Season 2. For a short while, Son Pari makes Tooty, a fairy who is Fruity's look-alike, take care of Fruity and protect her from Kali Pari. And so on….this innocent fairy tale was so popular that it was spread over 2 ‘healthy’ seasons. This show led children to fall in love with it & we were no exception.


Anshul Singh Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 1 May 1990
Anshul Singh
Kiku Sharda Hindi Comedian
DOB: 14 February 1975
Kiku Sharda
Yash A Patnaik Hindi Producer
DOB: 12 March 1974
Yash A Patnaik
Harish Verma Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 11 October 1982
Harish Verma
Amitabh Bachchan Hindi Movie Actor
DOB: 11 October 1942
Amitabh Bachchan