Meenakshi Arya Hindi Actress
Meenakshi is an actress who was born in Ganga Nagar of Rajasthan. The Marwari beauty has acted in Hindi movies and Hindi TV serials as well. She is an amicable, energetic, and a bit gabby person. Meenakshi made her debut in the horror movie “2 nights in soul valley” directed by “Harish Sharma”. It was set for release on 28th December 2012. When asked about how different this movie is from other scary movies, Meenakshi replies by saying it is based on a real life incident and is not like a routine horror movie which involves dark lights, screaming, killing etc. She played the role of lovely in the movie. She was very excited about this movie as her onscreen character matches her real life personality. 
In 2013 she was roped in Life OK channel’s serial “ Savitri Click to look into! >> Read More... Savitri ” where she had to play the role of a vampire. It was a double role, where the two vampires have two different personalities. One vampire is a scary one and the other is a sexy one. Essaying characters like villain, daughter in law etc. is comparatively easier than portraying roles, which has super natural powers or mythical beings. She was quite excited for it, but at knick of the moment Nigaar khan replaced her for the role of vampire as directors felt she wasn’t hot enough to look like a vampire. She also acted in another serial 26-12 where she played the role of Rinki. 26-12 is a series focusing on terrorist threats and how common people will get caught up in middle of it. Meenakshi has played diverse roles till now in all her shows and movies. She was also seen playing cameo roles in serials like Sabki Ladli Bebo, Jyoti, Ramayana etc. During the promotion of her movie, she said she really hopes everyone likes it and gives out a message – “Respect Everyone” (in her own words).