Hindi Tv Serial Junoon

Junoon Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Junoon is one of the most famous show that appeared on the channel Doordarshan National in the year 1994. The story of the Junoon revolves around two families, the Rajvansh’s and the Dhanraj’s. Every character of the serial is somehow related to either of these two families. The story belongs to the time of 1970’s. The Dhanraj family is shown as one which is traditional and has not given up its ideas and practices. Over the generations, they have maintained their principles, traditions and have not done away with their up righteousness. They cannot give away their values.

As expected, one of the members of the Dhanraj family, Aditya, falls in love with an innocent girl belonging to a middle-class family. The girl’s brother calls him to meet them when Aditya returns from his long trip abroad. Aditya was unaware that the girl, Rima was pregnant then. Rima’s brother refuses to believe his part of the story. This leads to a lot of enmity between the two families. Rima’s brother then promises that he will take revenge on Aditya’s family to do this. With time, he becomes a builder and also makes contact with many illegal groups to get his work done. He then decides to take the help of one of his contacts to destroy the Dhanraj’s. In the process, this group cannot put forward their plan and end up killing Aditya’s wife, Seema. This also adds more problems to the existing situations.

The serial was a great hit among the viewers. It ran for about five years and made 510 episodes. Junoon was such a show that is turned Cinevista into a major soap production house. It also created a record of the longest running show then. It made a trend of long-running shows in the industry. It also a large cast that any Doordarshan show ever had. The timing of the soap was also such that it attracted a large number of viewers. It had the Night Prime Time and also a favorable afternoon slot. The story that revolves around love and hatred was a huge hit in the 90’s.

Junoon was directed by A. Salam. The lead of the show was played by Parikshat Shahni, Benjamin Gilani, Kishori Shahne, Sarita Joshi, Beena, Vishnu Sharma, Smita Jayakar, Prem Sagar, Mahendra Shera, and Ravindra Kapoor. The production is by Cinevistas Ltd. Junoon was a huge hit among the viewers, and it created a lot of records as well.