Hindi Tv Serial Bandini

Bandini Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Bandini is a family drama which aired on NDTV Imagine TV between 2009 to 2011, spanned 520 episodes produced by Ekta Kapoor under her production house Balaji Telefilms Ltd. Directed by Santaram Verma, lead roles are played by Aasiya Kazi (Santu Waghela) and Ronit Roy (Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi).

Santu Waghela, who is a poor girl, lives with her maternal grandfather (Madhav Solanki) with two sisters Khemi and Moongi. Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi, a widower, is a diamond merchant facing problems in his business. Madhav Solanki arranges Khemi’s marriage with Mahesh a co -worker with the help of Dharamraj but Khemi’s horoscope is not good as Santu's, so Santu’s marriage gets fixed with Mahesh. On the day of marriage, Mahesh flees from the village, and villagers protest against Dharamraj, who forced Mahesh to marry. Then Pujari Ji, who has seen Santu’s horoscope suggests Dharamraj to marry her as she will be very lucky for his business and he marries her. The next day he gets a good offer because of Santus’s good faith, but he continues to neglect her as he still loves his dead wife.

Dharmraj has five children Hiten, Maulik, Kadambri, Birwa and Suraj, Dharamraj’s elder sister Taru dislikes Santu and insults Santu and her family, After continuous efforts Santu wins respect and love from all family members except Taru and Maulik, it is later revealed that Maulik is Taru’s son. Santu’s sister and Dharamraj’s son Hiten fall in love but in pressure of family Hiten marries Toral and Khemi marries Arjan, long lost son of Dharamraj. Things change when Arjan knows about Khemi and Hiten’s relationship and tries to kill Hiten but in an attempt to save, Dharamraj Birwa kills Arjan. Santu takes the blame on her and the story takes a leap of 10 years.

Santu returns home, but no one wants her back, but she stays and tries to make things normal as before. Dharamraj, who locks himself in a room, comes out by of Santu’s efforts. Santu also finds that Khemi is behind Toral’s miscarriages, but forgives her later. Toral gives birth to twin babies. Kadambri leaves Shashank and marries her Ex-boyfriend, who later comes out to be a crook and returns to Shashank. Birwa’s fiancé seduces Moongi then Birwa marries Sarang. A twist comes in the story when a doctor Megha claims that Dharamraj is the father of her son (Vishal), and DNA reports confirm this. Later Santu finds the truth that Vishal is her and Dharamraj’s son, born in jail after this Vishal starts living with his family but Megha kidnaps him.

To stop Maulik’s sins, Taru kills him, and Mongi kills Sarang. Show again takes a leap of 16 years, Dharamraj’s Grandchildren are grown up, while Santu is still searching his kidnapped son Vishal and after rigorous efforts she finds him, but he hates his family and tries to create make misunderstanding between Santu and Dharamraj but Hiten and Dharamraj know his truth and with the help of Triveni a filmmaker he exposes him in front of Santu. Vishal wants to take revenge, and so he puts Triveni on drugs and rapes her when she gets pregnant, he marries her but only when his parents leave the house. Dharamraj and Santu go to Mumbai and settle there. When they return to Dharampur, they find Vishal is changed now and regrets everyone forgives him. Santu finds that she is pregnant again, and the show ends on a good note.