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Kesar is an Indian Television Drama broadcast on Star Plus in 2007. Produced by Ekta Kapoor Ekta Kapoor; a legendry producer in Indian TV and >> Read More... , Directed by Hemant Prabhu Hemant Prabhu is an Indian director who has direct >> Read More... . Lead roles played by Nandini Singh Nandini Singh was born on 7th of August 1980. Nand >> Read More... / Prachi Shah Prachi Shah is an Indian serial and movie actress. >> Read More... (Kesar), Eijaz Khan Eijaz Khan, who is an Indian film cum television a >> Read More... / Hiten Tejwani Born to a Sindhi family in Mumbai on 5th March 197 >> Read More... (Abhi), Yash Tonk Yash Tonk needs no introduction. From renowned TV >> Read More... (Harman), Nikhil Arya Nikhil Arya is one of the popular faces of Indian >> Read More... (Rudra).

Kesar is a story of Punjabi girl from Jamalpur who so fun loving but joints with her Indian Values. The story starts when she has to move to Mumbai after marriage with Rudra, Rudra is a spoiled man and he marries with Kesar for her wealth, when Kesar comes to know this truth, she broke off, but Rudra’s friend Abhi helped her to handle the situation, Abhi loves Kesar but he dies in an accident and his heart is transplanted into Harman’s body, the story takes a twist when Harman starts feeling the same way for Kesar as Abhi because Abhi’s heart is inside his body. When Rudra dies in bomb blast Harman marries with Kesar and accept her daughter and adopted son Krish as well, but misunderstanding between them cause separation and Kesar left the city and come back with a new face and new identity Kavita, Kavita gets married to commissioner Arjun in the city she loves his son very much, but miss her kids as well, later when the truth revealed Kesar reunited with her daughter Muskan where Krish lives with Harman who is married to Nupur, friend of Kesar. Nupur starts hating Kesar as Harman and Kesar have a friendly relationship and tries to kill her, but instead Harman got hurt and lose his eyesight, Nupur and Harman’ s daughter Khwahish know the truth. Later Kesar’s Kids got married and Harman gets back his sight and he found that Arjun wants to kill him as he is jealous of him but Arjun gets caught and sent to jail. After that Kesar and her kid's all move with Harman and the story ends a happy note.

Kesar was again an Ekta Kapoor ‘s family drama with lots of twist and turns but in the end, everyone got happy. Kesar was a successful Tv series, appreciated by women audience , start with high TRP but in end the TRP was very low.

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Shoma Anand Hindi TV-Actress
DOB: 16 February 1958
Shoma Anand
Paresh Ganatra Hindi TV-Actor
DOB: 19 February 1973
Paresh Ganatra
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DOB: 6 June 1952
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