Hindi Awards 37th National Film Awards

37th National Film Awards Hindi AWARDS on YouTube Channel

Organised by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the 37th National Film Awards ceremony took place in 1990 and awards were presented to the winners by R. Venkatraman, the President of India at that time. Awards were not just for the entertainment industry but also for films which contained strong messages related to protection and preservation of the environment as well. The awards presented were of three types: - Feature as well as Non- feature films and books, all based on Indian cinema, its origins and progress.

Jury members were a committee headed by Banu Bhattacharya, Iqbal Masood and many others. A vast variety of awards were presented and for various categories. To name a few are, “The Best Children’s Film Award” and “The Award for the best Direction”. The main reason this award show proved to be different from the rest was it had awards rewarded not just for the role of the actor, actress and director but also for best screenplay, editing, costume design, storyline and much more! It even had a special jury award category!

There were regional awards too, and the producers and directors of each winning film were awarded a cash prize of Rs 2000 and Rs 10,000 respectively. The Silver Lotus Award was one of the unique awards presented to some of the best documentaries which were shot in India. The documentations carried very strong messages related to the environment as well as agricultural sciences. It is also worth mentioning that this award show was no less than the rest of the functions regarding setting the stage on fire with some excellent performances by various actors and artists from all the Indian states.

On the whole, it was a truly beautiful award show in which the whole of India was united as a country, and all the states got an opportunity to express their talents and received appreciation for it! Definitely, A must watch!!