Sreelekha Mukherji is an Indian Bengali actress with exemplary skills in acting. She was the lead in the film “Parshuramer Kuthar”, directed by Nabyendu Chatterjee Nabyendu Chatterjee is an Indian-Director and Prod >> Read More... Nabyendu Chatterjee , which exceedingly appealed to the people. Mukherji also won the 1989 National Film Award for her awestruck performance in the film. She played Lakkhi, a Bengali village woman who lost her baby from the shock of her husband becoming paralysed after he fell from a roof. She also appeared as the mother of Debasmita Benarjee (Mukta) in “Borolar Ghor” (2012), a bilingual Assamese-Bengali romantic movie spiced with comedy. This film was directed and produced by Mani C. Kappan.