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Bengali Director Nabyendu Chatterjee
  • DOB : 1937
  • Date of death: 14-01-2009
  • Lived For : 71 Years
  • Gender : Male
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Nabyendu Chatterjee is an Indian-Director and Producer. He primarily works in the Hindi Film Industry, and Bengali Film Industry. When he started his career as an actor in the year 1962, till the time he was very much interested in acting. Later, his interest shifted from acting towards directing. Some of the movies which he has directed includes Naya Raasta which released in the year 1967, Adwitiya which released in the year 1968, Chitthi which released in the year 1972, Ranur Pratham Bhag which released in the year 1972, Aaj Kal Parshur Galpo which released in the year 198, Chopper which released in the year 1987, Sarisreep, which released in the year 1987, Parshuramer Kuthar which released in the year 1989, Atmaja which released in the year 1990. Shilpi which released in the year 1994, Dusri Kahani which released in the year 1998 and Mansur Miyar Ghora which released in the year 2001.

He is also honored with the 38th National Award in the year 1991 for the Best Feature Film in Bengali. He has gained the popularity due to his massive off beat literature and that makes him different from other directors.


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