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Kamlesh Oza Hindi Actor
Kamlish Oza is a TV actor of India. He is a smart and handsome small screen actor who is most popular for his character ‘Hemal Thakar’ in a drama serial “Baa, Bahu Aur Baby” that is produced by ‘Hats off Production.’ This serial is aired by ‘Star Plus’ that is a popular Indian entertainment channel. In Baa Bahu Aur Baby he has essayed the role of Hemal Thakar who works in a call center. He loves a girl who is not liked by Godavri but then she permits him to marry her.
There was the time when Kamlesh was shining like star in Bollywood in his childhood. He performed as a child star in “Ghulam” and “Ghaat.” He also played a role in “Dil To Bacha Hai Jee” where he acted as a colleague of Ajay Devgan.

He also has worked in Gujrati Stage Theater. He has performed in many theatrical shows. He worked with Nimisha Vakharia Nimisha Vakharia is an Indian TV actress working i >> Read More... Nimisha Vakharia and Nitin Vakharia Nitin Vakharia is an Indian television actor who i >> Read More... Nitin Vakharia in many Gujrati stage shows. He claimed in his interviews that he likes to perform as stage actor because there is great margin of performance before live audience. But he also values the performance for TV. He basically has essayed roles in sitcoms like “Baa Bahu Aur Baby” and “Kitnay Kool Hain Hum” where he showed his acting potential in excellent way. “Kitnay Kool Hain Hum” is a comedy serial about a Gujrati family which belongs to Dhanduka village and moves to Mumbai.

Other than this he also worked in Khichdi in which he essayed the role of Bhavesh Kumar Bhavesh Kumar is an exceptional young actor who ma >> Read More... Bhavesh Kumar that brings real popularity to him. Khichdi is aired on Star Plus and sister channels. It is about a Gujrati family who is living on an old mansion. The Kamlish Oza has performed the role of Bhavesh Kumar who is husband of Meera. He lives with that family instead of his own home. He does nothing but always seems to be hungry and keeps eating something. Kamlesh Oza has also worked for Pakistan TV.