English Tv Show Game Of Thrones Season 1

Game Of Thrones English TV SERIALS on HBO

The television series version of “A Song of Ice and Fire” novel by George R.R Martin is an epic which takes place in the fictional world of “Westeros”. A civil war breaks out between several noble families for the control of the seven kingdoms unaware that an ancient enemy believed to be extinct has risen again threatening the survival of the entire humanity.

After the mysterious death of Jon Aryn “The hand of the king” or the advisor, King Robert(Mark Addy) decides to visit Winterfell to meet his friend Ned Stark(Sean Bean). He offers him to be the new hand of the king and also proposes him to wed his daughter Sansa Stark(Sophie Turner) to Prince Joffrey(Jack Gleeson).Ned Stark’s wife Catelyn(Michelle Fairly) is hesitant about the proposal but he decides to accompany the king and help him. At the capital, Ned is suspicious about the death of Jon Aryn. Lysa(Kate Dickie) sends Catelyn a letter informing her that the Lannisters including Queen Cersei(Lena Headay) are responsible for her husband Jon’s death.Ned starts investigating the murder and soon discovers the dark secrets of the Lannisters that Jon Arryn tried to expose. After getting injured on a hunting trip, King Robert appoints Ned as the ruler until his son comes of age, but the king soon succumbs to his injury.

Ned is against the claim of Prince Joffrey as the heir to the throne and believes Stannis Baratheon(Stephen Dillane) King’s brother as the rightful heir. Violence and mayhem ensue after Ned confronts the Lannisters in the court which changes the entire politics of the kingdom dragging many houses into a civil war. Far from the turmoil in the capital, beyond the narrow sea the former son of the king whose thrones was usurped Viseyrs Targaryen(Harry Lloyd) plots to reclaim his rightful throne. He decides to marry off his sister Daenerys Targaryen(Emilia Clarke) to Khal Drogo(Jason Momoa) who in return promises him army men. However, his plans don’t go as expected after Daenerys relationship with her husband and her newfound strength from being the queen of the tribe. She rebels against his abuse and with the help of her husband kills him.

Meanwhile, Ned’s son Jon Snow is sent to join the night’s watch which is an ancient brotherhood sworn to guard the massive wall and protect Westeros from the threats that lie beyond the wall. Jon is accustomed to his new- found duty unaware that the feared Whitewalkers, an ancient force long believed to be death has risen again.