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Chakh Le Academy Hindi OTHERS on NDTV Good Times
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Chakh Le Academy is a cookery based show with a bunch of food experts guided by well-known self taught person, chef Aditya Bal Aditya Bal is a chef turned actor. He is also an a >> Read More... . The show premiered on NDTV Good Times channel. Aditya plays as the instructor to the novice in the program where he introduces bucolic Indian food to them and to the viewers as well. Together with the food enthusiasts, Aditya presents delectable Indian delicacies in a simple yet interesting manner.The enthusiasm, passion and love they share for food, enchant hedonists with some innovative and contemporary as well non-contemporary food recipes. 

Mr. Bal traveled across the country exploring the various streets and undiscovered countryside foods along with his traveling kitchen in his prominent show called Chakh Le India- Kachcha Raasta and even hosted previous three seasons of Chakh Le India. Aditya Bal, a mentor and host of the show, is a celebrated chef and author of a book named ‘The Chakh Le India: Cookbook’ and even hosted a show by the name ‘The Chakh Le India’. During the initial phase if his culinary career, he trained at a Goan, Mediterranean and even at an Italian restaurant.

He enjoys adventure tours and love to try the varieties of Indian street food. The show, based on an unusual concept of the mentor-student theme which takes food-lovers on the journey of innovation with various Indian dishes. And of course, the Academy is open to all gourmands who is willing grasp some new and offbeat cuisines.


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