Plot: Vinavayya Ramayya is a very common story that viewers are very well accustomed with. In the film, Chanti is a young boy in the village of Veerayya Palem.

Vinavayya Ramayya Movie Review

Vinavayya Ramayya Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
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Review for the film " Vinavayya Ramayya"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 18 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-06-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
2 / 5.0

Plot: Vinavayya Ramayya Click to look into! >> Read More... Vinavayya Ramayya is a very common story that viewers are very well accustomed with. In the film, Chanti is a young boy in the village of Veerayya Palem. He is a very care-free and happy-go-lucky guy. He also does not like to get involved with unnecessary things. Chanti is in love with his childhood friend Janaki who is his neighbor and also the daughter of Chowdhary. When Chanti proposes to her, she straight away rejects him. Though she does not reciprocate her feelings, he thinks she too loves him. Matters take a turn when Chowdhary fixes Janaki’s marriage with a rich guy.

Chanti is shattered and he becomes depressed. Chanti’s friends misunderstand the whole situation and think that Janaki wants to marry Chanti as well. They plan to kidnap the two on the day of her wedding and send them away. It is interesting to see what happens after this and if the two at last end up together or not. Moreover, is Chanti able to make Janaki fall in love with him or not?

Analysis: The film is nothing great. The greatest drawback is the story itself which is very predictable. The film has nothing new to offer to viewers. Director G Ramprasad did not make any effort to make this film appealing. In spite of having a predictable story, it still could be executed better rather it is a mark of laziness on Ramprasad’s part. There are many forced fight scenes and song sequences are all in the wrong place. The narration of the film is also very poor. However, he surely can make his actors work well as in this one. Vinavayya Ramayya gets a full score in all the technical departments.

Rasool Ellore Rasool Ellore is a cinematographer, director, and >> Read More... Rasool Ellore is stunning at the cinematography. The way he has put to use the amazing landscapes, shows his excellence in his work. Music by Anup Ruben is only satisfactory. It has nothing new to offer but is a reminder of his previous works. Dialogue writing is also appreciable. Another negative aspect of the film is that it does not concentrate on the story between the pair much. Especially with time, it slips away. There is no concentration on the two as a couple in the latter part.

Star Performance: Naga Anvesh Naga Anvesh is a South Indian actor. He is known f >> Read More... Naga Anvesh makes his debut as Chanti and he does his part very well. His roles expect him to be timid, polite, and innocent which he executes really well. Anvesh has a good command over dialogue delivery as he has worked as a child artist before. Also it is very impressive to see his ease on screen. However, it would be better if he had another role and film to take up as his debut. Though he does his part wonderfully, it is true that he does not open up fully probably because of his role.

Kruthika Jayakumar Kruthika Jayakumar is a talented dancer and hails >> Read More... Kruthika Jayakumar is pretty decent for her part as Janaki. She looks very attractive in her Indian attire. Though she does not excel, but her performance is satisfactory and does not disappoint. Prakash Raaj as Chowdhary also has a significant role and is very efficient on screen. Brahmanandam deserves a special mention for he entertains the viewers a lot with his superb comic timing. Other actors including Ali, Shakalaka Shankar Shakalaka Shankar is an actor in Telugu Television >> Read More... Shakalaka Shankar and Jabardasth Seenu also do their parts pretty well.

What’s there? The technical aspects of the film are incredible. The cinematography deserves a special mention. Most of the actors have done their roles in an impressive way.

What’s no there? The story line is old and offers nothing new. It has a lot of forced comedy and certain extra things are uselessly added. The film is poor in direction and execution.

Verdict: The film works pretty fine. The story is predictable enough but still pretty satisfactory. It does not disappoint the viewers. Also, it is not too bad for a watch.