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Kruthika Jayakumar is a talented dancer and hails from an orthodox Tamil Brahmin family. Her parents had never opposed this actress when she wanted to make her break on the silver screen. She trained herself in Bhartanatyam for ten years. As a classical dancer, she performed all over India. Once when she was performing at a government show in Kerala, a Malayalam director had spotted her. The director who organized the show was a retired Malayalam director and called her mother and had said that Kruthika could act even in movies. At first, her parents were apprehensive, but later they decided to give her a chance. The director felt she had a photogenic face and wanted her to send some pictures for his casting for Drushyam. That is how she got auditioned for the role of the elder daughter to Venkatesh in Drushyam, a Telugu remake of the acclaimed Malayalam movie of the same name. That is how she got a break and felt the movie could be a part of her life. She is now studying and even acting in films. 

She is studying a course in Journalism in Bengaluru. She is currently working in both Kannada and Telugu movies. She will be soon in films like Boxer (Kannada) and Vinavayya Ramayya Click to look into! >> Read More... Vinavayya Ramayya (Telugu). She is a very easy-going person and does not take anything so seriously. She was a professional dancer, but nothing really happened in her life as a dancer. That is why she does not have any long-term plans. What life offers to her, she can make the best of it. She explains she would balance her studies and would see that her education did not suffer.

Ever since she joined the filmdom, she had been learning acting bit by bit, and she can confidently make her way to stardom.

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Kruthika Jayakumar (Krithika) is a South Indian actress who acts in Telugu language films. She made her film debut through the Telugu movie ' Drishyam Click to look into! >> Read More... Drishyam ' in 2014. After playing the elder daughter of Venkatesh actor in ‘Drishyam', she came to limelight. She was barely 17 years old when she got the offer to play the character in the movie. She had spent 45 days of shooting in the film and enjoyed traveling to different locations while shooting.

As a newcomer, she used to take suggestions from the senior actors like Venkatesh and Meena. Her incredible screen presence in the movie had become talk of the town and buzz is that she is getting many casting calls now after success of ‘Drishyam'. After having grabbed the attention of filmmakers, the industry feels that she is a star material, and she needs to pick up right projects. If good films come her way, she could be one day a real surprise by becoming a star actress in film industry.

She is a Tamilian but stays in Bengaluru. She is a Bharatnatyam dancer who had been trained for 11 years. She is currently pursuing journalism course in Bengaluru. She reveals that when she was performing on a stage in Kerala, she was noticed by a Malayalam film director Balu Kiriyath Balu Kiriyath is a well-known director, screenwrit >> Read More... Balu Kiriyath who had convinced her to foray into cinema. She was called for an audition and got selected for Drishyam'. Currently, she is working in both Kannada and Telugu movies. Her next-door girl image Currently, she wants to balance her studies and would like to see that her education do not suffer.

Ever since she has joined the film, she is learning bit by bit and becoming confident before the camera. As a classical dancer, she had performed all over India and she has no stage fears. In future, she wants to do performance-oriented roles with mix of glamour. Her college has been supportive in what she is doing, hence she feels that her  lovely and vivacious looks will go a long way in fulfilling her dream in movies. She was born on April 30,1996 in Bengaluru.

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Kruthika Jayakumar is an actress and Indian classical dancer born on 30 April 1996 in Bangalore, India. Kruthika is very talented and at the age of 7, she started learning Bharatanatyam. Kruthika had trained Bharatanatyam for 11 Years and presently under Guru Shri Mithun Shyam. Kruthika made her debut in the film industry with the super-hit film Telugu film Drushyam as Anju, which was a remake of Malayalam movie, Drishyam.

Kruthika role was quite appreciated and was praised by her fans and media. Kruthika was convinced by the Malayalam Movie director after he saw her dance and perceived that her dashing looks and expressions were perfect as an actress. Kruthika paved her way into Kannada film industry with Boxer as Laxmi in 2015.

Kruthika also grabbed the role of lead actress in the Telugu movie Vinavayya Ramayya. Kruthika cleared her +2 education from Clarence High School, Bangalore and Pre-University Course from Co-educational Pre-University College, Bangalore. Kruthika is currently having some lead roles in the upcoming movies and her fans expect something big from her.