Plot Tippu is a Telugu film just like any other where the hero and the villain are both in love with the same girl and what the story is about is to see who at

Tippu Movie Review

Tippu Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
Review for the film " Tippu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 08 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 19-06-2015
Genre: Drama
2.5 / 5.0

Plot: Tippu is a Telugu film just like any other where the hero and the villain are both in love with the same girl and what the story is about is to see who at last wins the game. Tippu is nothing different except that it is more annoying than others. Satya joins a college where he falls in love with a girl Vaishnavi. He joins the college for her. However, Vaishnavi is also the love interest of a goon Keshubhai. Things start to take a turn when Keshubhai begins to harass Vaishnavi. Satya is now angry and wants to take revenge. He first beats up Keshubhai’s goons and then the next time when Keshubhai himself appears before him, he insults him.

Unable to bear this, Keshubhai commits suicide. The story does not end here as now Keshubhai’s brother, Haribhai is determined to take revenge on Satya. The rest of the story is the suspense. Whether Satya is able to defeat Haribhai or not and how, is what is left for the viewers to see.

Analysis: The biggest drawback of the film is the totally meaningless plot and even worse sub-plots. It has nothing great to offer and it annoys viewers even more because the story is a repetition of so many movies made before. It has the same scenes, the same techniques used, and also the same plot. Director Jagadeesh Daneti’s participation in making the film is hardly felt. He does nothing to make it look good and interesting. He is still better in the first half of the time than in the second half. The film has a lot of unrealistic scenes.

Moreover, it seems like the director makes sure that every cliché is followed without missing out even one. Mani Sharma does the music which is pretty decent. Cinematography is also satisfactory. However, dialogue delivery is criticized. None of the actors seem to put up with it well. The director does the biggest mistake that he weakens the plot and the track of the film changes. Even the narration lacks luster. Even while the script is acceptable, the film is terribly poor at execution.

Star Performances: Satya Karthik plays the lead as Satya. His performance is very consistent from the beginning till the end in all aspects from dialogue delivery to acting to body language. However, he is over-enthusiastic. He over-acts in most of the scenes. Adding to that, his dialogue delivery is very poor. However, Satya looks stunning throughout the film. On the other hand, Kanika Kapoor as Vaishnavi is useless. She has no significant part. Adding to that, she makes no attempt to make her presence felt.

Even though she looks stunning throughout the film, it is of no use. Other supporting actors are too no better. Chalapati Rao too is able to get viewers attention. Shravan as the villain does a pretty good performance. M S Narayan’s comedy gives at least some relief to the viewers.

What’s there? There is actually nothing in the film worth watching. The film is short and concise. It does not drag too much.

What’s not there? The film lacks a new concept. It is extremely poorly executed. The performance by majority of the cast is unskilled and disappointing. Is spite of a predictable story, efforts could be made to make the film more appealing and attractive to viewers but no such endeavor is visible.

Verdict: The film is surely not a must watch. The makers give viewers no reason to watch it this movie which is so clichéd. There is probably no reason why one should watch this movie.