Plot: The story is based on some misunderstandings between a brother and a sister. Kavya is the sister of the ACP of the locality and is getting some marriage p

Chuttalabbai aka Chuttalabbayi Movie Review

Chuttalabbai Movie Review Telugu Movie Review
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Review for the film " Chuttalabbai aka Chuttalabbayi"
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Runtime: 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 19-08-2016
Genre: Comedy, Family
2 / 5.0

Plot: The story is based on some misunderstandings between a brother and a sister. Kavya is the sister of the ACP of the locality and is getting some marriage proposals. However, she does not want to marry now and runs away from her house. She incidentally comes in contact with Babji. He is a loan recovery agent in Hyderabad.

Seeing both of them together, Kavya's brother misinterprets them as a couple and sends a police team to capture them. Feared by the police, Babji and Kavya runs in the forest and takes shelter at Dora's home. What happens next in the film builds the rest of the plot on which the whole movie is based.

Analysis: The film is a desperate attempt by the makers to create a film to entertain the audience. However, they have failed miserably in this objective of theirs. The movie lacks a fresh story to entertain the audience and keep them occupied. It has the same typical love story only with a different situation. The circumstances seem very fake, and some scenes appear to be forcefully kept in the film. The spark or chemistry between the actors is a major let down in the film and is sincerely missed in the climax as well as in the second half.

The screenplay is average but could have been better. The climax of the film has nothing new in store, and it seems predictable. Also, the film could have been more precisely edited to keep it on track after the interval. The music of the film is good, and the tunes are worth listening. The audience will enjoy the beats and will keep singing it while coming out of the theaters.

Star Performances: Aadi is a well-known actor in the industry and has done well with his performance in the film. He has dragged the whole film by himself looking for support in other departments. Namitha Pramod Namitha Pramod, born to Pramod and Indu on 19th Se >> Read More... Namitha Pramod has also fit into her role. Veerbhadram Chowdary needed to out more efforts as a director in the film and has not impressed with his work. S.R. Sekhar needed to be more precise in the editing section of the film. The rest of the crew is also average. However, S. Thaman has made some interesting background score in the films. His tunes are also fantastic and are melodious.

What's there? The film has good performances from Aadi and Namitha Pramod. Aadi has given a wonderful surprise to the audience with this film on his birthday. The background score and the original soundtracks of the film are its USP and are very appealing and impressive. The first half of the film has great pace and will please you with it.

What's not there? The film lacked freshness in its story and needed to have a unique content in it. Also, the scenes seem to be kept forcefully irrespective of the required amount of drama and plotting. Also, it lacks good cinematography and proper editing to make it enjoyable. The direction has also been average, and it needed more efforts in the field as well as in narration.

Verdict: The film lacks a fresh content, and the audience will feel its absence. On a whole, it can be skipped this weekend, and you can spend your money on some other needs.