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Pavithra Lokesh Kannada Actress
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Pavithra Lokesh is a popular South Indian Actress born on 19th February. She is the daughter of yesteryear actor Mysore Lokesh Mysore Lokesh is an Indian Film Actor. He worked i >> Read More... Mysore Lokesh , who has acted in about 300 Kannada movies. She also has a brother named Adi Lokesh Adi Lokesh is an Indian Kannada film actor. He is >> Read More... Adi Lokesh who has acted in several Kannada movies. She got married in 2008 to Suchendra Prasad.

The couple has a son named Viskrutha. She entered into movies at the age of 16. After her father had passed away, she was given the offer to act in a movie as a heroine, and she agreed. She did several other movies in the lead role which were not big hits and at some point of time she felt that acting was not her cup of tea and decided to focus on her studies. However, things changed when she got a small role in a movie which went on to be a block buster hit. Since then she has only focused on acting without worrying about the length of the role.

She is originally from Mysore and was finding it difficult to be traveling to Bangalore quite often. After completing her graduation, she made a conscious decision to move completely to Bangalore to concentrate on her career in acting. Now that she is acting in Telugu movies as well, she is shuffling between Bangalore and Hyderabad. She has also informed that she liked Hyderabad as the people she was working with were very professional and treated her well.

After completing her studies, she was working in a company in Bangalore, which she quit later as she found the 9 AM to 5 PM job monotonous. She had a lot of dreams like completing MBA, becoming an IAS officer and much more. However, there were many deviations in her choices, and she ended up being an actress. However, she has no complaints as she gets to do new things every day as per the various roles are given to her.

 Another Version Of Pavithra Lokesh:

Pavithra Lokesh is a Kannada actor, who works in south Indian film industry. She is from Mysore. Pavitra Lokesh Pavitra Lokesh is an Indian television and movie a >> Read More... Pavitra Lokesh started working when she was sixteen, her father Mysore Lokesh who is a noted film actor with over 300 Kannada movies to his credit in his career.

She did many art films, including Girish Kasaravalli's films. She has won State awards and National Film Awards The National Film Awards gets presented every year >> Read More... National Film Awards . Pavitra Lokesh simultaneously started doing commercial films. She worked for a year in a company in Bangalore before coming into film industry. Her Kannada serial became a huge and was remade it in Telugu for ETV and that is how she was introduced to the big screen. Some of the movies in which she acted Yajamaana, orange, Naayi Neralu, Akash, Nayi Neralu are Ulta Palta, Veera Madakari Click to look into! >> Read More... Veera Madakari , Prasthanam, Home Science, Dangura, Rose.

She is the choice of Telugu directors when it comes to casting a beautiful woman for a mother role in Telugu movies. Pavitra Lokesh turned heroine at the age of 21 in Kannada movies. She did dozens of Kannada films that went unnoticed by many movie lovers. Later she got the chance to act as a mother and sister-in-law in in Telugu movies. Prasthanam and actor Siddharth's movie ‘Baava’ has given a big break in the film industry.

She has a brother name Adi Lokesh, who is also known for negative roles in Kannada film industry.