S.R.Shekhar Telugu Actor
Other Skills
    - Editor

S R Shekhar is an Editor. He was born in India. He mainly works with the Telugu Cinema. He has Indian Nationality. He did films projects of different genres. He provides the best editing management. He is born in Tamil Nadu and India. Shekhar has well versed with the screenplay writing story writing and dialogue writing. Apart from the Telugu Films, he did projects in some other languages too. He has worked with several other editor and artists too. He did the films as Jyothi Lakshmi Click to look into! >> Read More... Jyothi Lakshmi is the year 2015, and Chuttalabbai aka Chuttalabbayi. Shekhar did Jyothi Lakshmi first. Its release date is June 12 and the year is 2015.

It has a genre drama. It plays on screen for the time of two hours and thirteen minutes. C Kalyan, CV Rao, and Swetha Lana did the production in it. Sunil Kashyap Sunil Kashyap is a music composer and singer in To >> Read More... Sunil Kashyap is the music director. S.R. Shekhar is the editor who did all the work related to editing and making changes. Puri Jagannadh Puri Jagannadh wears many feathers to his cap incl >> Read More... Puri Jagannadh is the director of it. and Charmy Kaur Charmy Kaur is a popular Tamil cum Telugu film act >> Read More... Charmy Kaur have played the main roles. Supporting character has played by Jyothi, and Aziz Naser Aziz Naser is an actor by profession in the Indian >> Read More... Aziz Naser . Brahmanandam did the comedy as a comedian. Ravi Kumar Pilla Ravi Kumar Pilla, a well-known costume designer fr >> Read More... Ravi Kumar Pilla has done the costume designer for all eh characters. Vithal Kosanam is the art director of it. Ravikumar Bhaskarabhatla did the lyrics designing and writing. P.G.Vinda is the Director of photography. Sai Ram Maganti did the still photography. It shot under the banner of Sree Subha Swetha Films, and CK Entertainments. B Ravi Kumar is the production controller.

Distribution work has done by CK Entertainments. Malladi Venkata Krishna Murthy did the story writing. P Basha did the make-up, as he is a make-up artist. Siva Rama Krishna is the coordinator. As an editor, he did Chuttalabbai aka Chuttalabayi on August 19 and in the year 2016. It has a genre comedy, drama, and family. Its playing time is two hours and thirty minutes. Venkat Talari Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Venkat Talari is the producer of the film. S. Thaman is the music director. S.R. Shekhar is the editor. Veerabhadram Chawdhary did the direction in it. Aadi and Pranitha Subash have done the main roles. Pavithra Lokesh Pavithra Lokesh is a popular South Indian Actress >> Read More... Pavithra Lokesh and Surekha Vani She was born on October 31 in Vijayawada, new Capi >> Read More... Surekha Vani have done the supporting roles. S Arun Kumar Arun Kumar is a famous Indian film actor. He is th >> Read More... Arun Kumar has done the direction and supervision of photography. did the dialogue Writing. Nagendra Babu Nagendra Babu is a famous person in Telugu industr >> Read More... Nagendra Babu is the art director. Varikuppala Yadagiri Varikuppala Yadagir Goud i is a famous music direc >> Read More... Varikuppala Yadagiri did the lyrics writing.