Plot Vindhai has Master Mahendran as the hero and Manisha Jith as the heroine It is directed by Lawraa in a comedy genre The synopsis is two youths were wro

Vindhai Movie Review

Vindhai Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Vindhai"
Runtime: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 22-05-2015
Genre: Comedy, Romance
1 / 5.0

Plot: Vindhai has Master Mahendran as the hero and Manisha Jith as the heroine. It is directed by Lawraa in a comedy genre.

The synopsis is two youths were wrongly judged as the lovers and taken to the police station and the incidents that happen at the police station are humorously shown in this film.

In the opening scene Karthi runs away from his house and gets a place in a lorry; similarly Kavya boards the lorry. In the next scene, they are brought to the Police station thinking that they both are lovers and has come from the house to get married. The Policemen decided that they are the lovers and start to inquire them in that angle. We will be expecting some serious moments at the police station; but we will get disappointed as there is nothing that tests the pulse of the viewers. Many people visit the station, the case and the dealings by the Policemen are shown in a humorous way. The hero and the heroine have nothing to do with those scenes, as they were merely kept as the spectators watching the happenings in the police station. M. S. Bhaskar appears as the Tamil scholar makes us laugh. Vindhai has no story at all and it also does not have a proper script. If this film is done with some familiar actors, this film might have gone hit.

The story is comically derived by the director with the scenes at the police station and at last the unknown boy and a girl fell in love with each other in the police station. This concept is new to the screen. Though there are many comedians like Mano Bala, Muthu Kalai, Nellai Siva, Scissor Manohar and M. S. Bhaskar, the film is not good in comedy.

The only relaxation is M. S. Bhaskar who makes the audience laugh for a few minutes of his Tamil speech. Nothing wonders in this movie except the name Vindhai.