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Thiranthidu Seese (Time To Open) Movie Review

Thiranthidu Seese (Time To Open) Movie Review Tamil
Review for the film " Thiranthidu Seese"
Runtime: 2 Hours 16 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 02-05-2015
Genre: Thriller, Drama
3 / 5.0

Plot: Thiranthidu Seese is a thrilling story in which an affected girl tries to find who spoiled her life.

The story starts with an unconscious girl in the restroom of a pub. The bar attendees find her and wake her up. She claims them that they are the people who played in her life and start to accuse them. When she is cleared by them, she starts her journey to find out the culprits. She is Charmi who is an independent girl, who goes wherever she wants and she smokes and drinks in public without any shy.

Charmi has a doubt on the bartenders, as their look was cunning from the time she entered the pub. Those two men were also shown as a shady people, as they are ready to bribe the police not with money, but with the liquor. Those two are alcoholic too; one is married and he lives only with alcohol and the other one is harmlessly freakish. When these two men are charged by Charmi, they call upon a doctor to check her virginity. The doctor is a psychiatrist who discusses with Charmi and then makes her take a virginity test. In this test Charmi fails and the two bartenders are in serious trouble now.

When one of the bartenders tells Charmi, to forget the incident and continue her life in an engaging way, Charmi asks him, whether he will say the same words to his sister or his wife. Though she is a modern girl, she gives importance to certain parts of the culture. The film shows that there are few women like Charmi, who behave maturely and there are some men who want to hide at the back of others.

First half of the film is very interesting than the second half and the climax make the people to stick to their seats. But the climax could have been done differently is the suggestion by many people who watched the movie.

Nimesh Varshan is the debutant director of this movie and his first attempt should really be lauded. Dhanshika takes the role of Charmi, the modern girl and performed excellently. Veeravan Stalin, Ujjaini and Narayan are also in the star cast of Thiranthidu Seese.