Radha Mohan proved his mettle with movies like Abhiyum Naanum and Mozhi Now he has given us a comedy piece Uppu Karuvadu After watching the film you will sur

Uppu Karuvaadu Movie Review

Uppu Karuvaadu Aka Uppu Karuvadu Movie Review Tamil Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Uppu Karuvaadu"
Runtime: 2 Hours 22 Minutes
Certificate: U
Released: 27-11-2015
Genre: Drama
4 / 5.0

Radha Mohan proved his mettle with movies like Abhiyum Naanum and Mozhi. Now he has given us a comedy piece Uppu Karuvadu. After watching the film, you will surely feel elements of Radha Mohan’s typical filmmaking interspersed all over the movie. This movie has an extra amount of comedy compared to Radha Mohan’s previous films.

The protagonist of the movie, Karunakaran, has the ambition of making good movies. He is in search of a good story, suitable cast, etc. Eventually, with the help of Mayilsami, Karunakaran gets the chance to direct a movie, under the production of M S Bhaskar. Is there any compromise made by Karunakaran?  Does he finally make a good movie? 

The last venture of Radha Mohan, Gouravam, was a dud at the box office. However, through Uppu Karuvadu, he has returned with a bang. Though the story line is not so good, the characters are powerful; that eventually saves the film.

Star Performances
Comedy is one department that has been touched with great passion in Kollywood. Nowadays even the main actors do at least some comedy because they know that it will connect them with the audience better. Karunakaran, the male lead of the film, has done a commendable job, as usual. It is heartening to see him a hero’s role. Nandita has given a superb performance, and she has dealt with the humor subject with great ease. The supporting artists have done an outstanding job, and even the small characters manage to tickle your humor bone. Doubt Senthil, with his bad command over English, will surely interest you. He has a promising future in Kollywood.

What’s there?
1.    The music of Steve Watz, a debutant, is ok.
2.    The dialogues of Pon Parthiban is good.
3.    There is a good dose of good sense of humor in the movie.

What’s not there?
1.    The first half is quite dragging.
2.    The technical department works only in bits and pieces. 

The film can surely be watched once.