Rajpal Yadav, the hilarious Indian movie actor, acknowledged for his outrageously comic villainous roles in most of his films. He comes from a small town Kundra situated in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, on 16th March 1971,. He came from a simple family that didn’t know much about the film industry. During a film shoot in Canada, while enjoying the sweet delight of an ice-cream, he met Radha, who is now his wife. And after talking over the phone from Mumbai, for several months, Radha finally moved to Mumbai.

From an early age, he was interested in acting, and he acted in Nautanki (a traditional drama from Uttar Pradesh) in his village. He performed a lot of plays in Shahjahanpur Theatre before he joined the academy of ‘Bhartendu Natya’ (1992-1994) in Lucknow to brush up his acting skills. Soon after he went to Delhi, and joined ‘National School of Drama’. On completion of his acting course in Delhi, he moved to Mumbai in 1997.

In the early years of his career, he played a role in a Doordarshan serial; Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal. His debut film was Dil KyaKare where he played the role of the school’s watchman. His first public appreciation in Bollywood was with the movie Jungle, in which he played a negative role of Sippa, a terrorist. He received the Screen award for Best Performance in a Negative Role. Although he achieved success with his negative roles, he favored comedy and after working in the movie “Pyar Tune Kya Kiya” as Chota Vakil, he never turned back. He became a comedian of immense repute in Hindi Cinema. In 2006, he worked in two super hit movies; “ Chup Chup Ke Click to look into! >> Read More... ” and “Malamaal Weekly”. He also appeared with Martin Sheen Martin Sheen is one of the most well-known actors >> Read More... in a Hollywood film titled Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain. He is best known for his humorous roles in Rama Rama Kya Hai Drama?, Dhol, Hungama, Garam Masala Click to look into! >> Read More... , Ladies Tailor and many other famous films.

Another Version Of Rajpal Yadav:

There are certain actors who enthrall us with their spellbound performance. The role of a comedian is not that easy; it is said that it is easy to make one cry, but hard to make one laugh. Raajpal is an asset to the comedy department and he has proved his comic prowess through his innate ability of making you laugh, through his oratory and physical movements. Born in Lucknow on 16 March 1971, Raajpal Yadav pursued his basic education in Lucknow. This comedian has connection with Shajahanpur Theater (Lucknow) and had worked on various plays. Raajpal comes from a simple family, which doesn’t know anything about cinema. After doing training in Bhartendu Natya Academy, Raajpal shifted to Delhi for a training in the National School of Drama.

This training was very helpful to him in attaining the position that he is enjoying today. Mungeri Ke Bhai Naurangilal is a serial in which Raajpal Yadav acted and it was a success. Ram Gopal Verma’s School was his first movie in which he donned the character of a coolie. Verma was very happy with Raajpal’s performance that he made him act in his next venture too. After having, enacting a role with gray shades in Jungle Raajpal proved his versatility. He got the August Screen award for his performance in this film.

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, Garam Masala, Waqt, and Main Madhuri Dixit Banna Chahti Hoon, Chandni Bar, Company, , Kal Ho Naa Ho, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose: The Forgotten Hero, Dhol, Garam Masala, Bhool Bhulaiya, De Dana Dan Click to look into! >> Read More... , Welcome Back Click to look into! >> Read More... are some of the flicks in which Raajpal acted. His comedy in the 2007 flick, Dhol and Bhool Bhulaiya were very much appreciated. Having worked in over 150 films Raajpal is indeed a name to reckon with in Bollywood. Raajpal has also worked as a male lead in Main, Meri Patni Aur Who but he is mainly known for his comedy.

Dev Goel Hindi Actor

Dev Goel

Dev Goel is an actor and a writer by profession in the Indian film industry. He works mainly in Bollywood films. His father’s name is Jyotin Goel who is a well-known film director and producer by profession. He is the grandson of the famous filmmaker Devendra Goel. Dev grew up in a filmy background. He completed his education in the line of filmmaking from the organization named Florida State University Film School. There are two production houses under his family which are known by the names “Goel Cine Corporation” and “Goel Screencraft.” His first camera appearance was in the year 1990 when he was just six years old. In the film titled “Zahreelay,” he made a cameo appearance in the role of Sanjay Dutt’s son. The film was directed by his father, Jyotin Goel. He also worked as an assistant director along with his father in the movie named “Safari” of 1999. After growing up, he entered into the Indian cinema in the lead role. He is known for the films named ‘Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke’ of 2013 and ‘Bird Idol’ of 2010. In the film “Hum Hai Raahi Car Ke,” he worked under the direction and production of his father, Jyotin Goel. He performed the lead role in the film opposite to the actress Adah Sharma who played the female lead. His other co-stars in the movie were Sanjay Dutt, Chunky Pandey, Anupam Kher, Juhi Chawla, Rati Agnihotri, Ganesh Venkatraman, Vivek Vaswani, and Ashish Ranglani. He played the character named “Shammi Suri” while Adah was seen as “Sanjana Mehra.” It is a love story which contains a good amount of humor along with lots of misadventure that happens unexpectedly. It released into the Indian theatres on 24 May 2013. Unfortunately, the film did not receive good ratings from its audience as well as the critics, and it came out to be a big flop of Bollywood. In “Bird Idol,” he worked as a writer along with his father as the director. It was an animation film that portrayed the story of a bird named “Hummi” who is unhappy with the bird music, but she is impressed by the music of human beings. He tries to introduce the human music to the music of the birds by participating in a competition known as “Bird Idol.” Its cast members included Juhi Chawla, Wrisha Dutta, Kailash Kher, Shaan, Neeraj Shridhar, and Neeti Mohan. This animation film released into the theatres on 22 April 2010.


Dada Kondke

Dada Kondke was born in Mumbai on August 8, 1932. His birth name is Krishna Kondke. He was born near Lalbaug in a place called Naigaon in Mumbai. He was born to a mill workers family. His native is Ingavali. It is in Bohr in Maharashtra in Pune district. They migrated to Mumbai in search of jobs in cotton mills. Dada is a Marathi film producer and actor, writer and lyricist. He was born on Gokulashtami, and so he got named as Krishna. He was popularly known as Dada which means elder brother in Marathi. He also worked on Hindi and Gujarati films. But he is famous for his roles in Marathi films. Dada’s movie is based on his society. Marathi entertainment industry consists of stage drama and tamasha. Banding and stage actor is how Kondke began his career in entertainment industry. To understand the entertainment of local population he explored Maharashtra while he was acting. His movies were mostly targeted towards the masses instead of a particular society. He spent his childhood in Chawls in Naigaon. Dada was a rough kid. Later he worked in Apna Bazaar, a grocery retailer. Due to some luckless events, Kondke lost his family. This changed him and the recovery procedure him to concentrate on his brighter career of his life. That was when he decided he wanted to make people around him laugh and happy. Kondke got named nicknamed as ‘Bandwale Dada’ because he joined a local band. The name means a senior brother who is a member of a band. Kondhe began working in dramas and took part in cultural happenings at Seva Dal. He gained contact with many drama individualities. Kondke then began his private drama company and contacted Vasant Sabnis to write him a script. He was a famous Marathi writer. Kondke’s performance and personality in Khankhanpurcha Raja impressed Sabnis. So he wrote the drama Vichha Majhi Puri Kara. It was a breakthrough in his career. The drama made him a star, and he got into Marathi film industry. It got played in more than 1500 shows. Kondke’s first Marathi film was ‘Tambdi Maati’. In ‘Songadya’ he played the lead role. Then he went on giving hits. He was the one to introduce animals in his songs. He always played a poor character in films like Dhobi, a poor farmer, etc. He always followed the Marathi tradition and custom in his movies. His storyline was always simple. He used the same actors, technicians, singers in his movie to continue the success. He married Nalini in 1960 and then divorced her in 1967. Later he did not remarry. Kondke died at the age of 65 on March 14, 1998.

Dada Kondke Hindi Actor